Day: November 1, 2022

Trenton Police Superior Officers’ Association Granted Motion For Summary Judgement In Lawsuit Against Council President Kathy McBride, City Council, And City of Trenton For Violation of Open Public Meetings Act

November 1, 2022

According to the Trenton Police Superior Officers’ Association, on Wednesday, October 26, Jason Woodhead, President of the Trenton Police Superior Officers Association, was granted a motion for summary judgment in a lawsuit against Trenton City Council President Kathy McBride, City Council, and the City of Trenton. The Court found that Council President Kathy McBride has established a pattern of holding city council meetings in violation of the Open Public Meetings Act (OPMA).

Council President McBride unilaterally adopted a rule restricting the subject matter of speech during the public comment portion of conference session meetings, limiting the discussion to issues that have only first been vetted by the council president and listed on her agenda for the meeting. McBride has consistently applied this rule during the past three years of her four-year term as council president, in defiance of the will of the sitting Council and in violation of the Open Public Meetings Act (OPMA). The OPMA ensures that members of the public have the right to speak at every meeting of the governing body on any governmental issue “that a member of the public feels may be of concern to the residents of the municipality.” In 2019, Council rejected an attempt to implement this unlawful rule into the Rules of Procedure at first reading after the law department cautioned against implementing practices that would result in non-compliance with the OPMA. However, McBride soon began enforcing it anyway, coinciding with a change to the phrasing of the “Public Comment” portion of subsequent conference meeting agendas to “Public Comment (Docket items only).” McBride enforced this rule during a 2019 conference session meeting in which the Council refused to permit Mayor Gusciora’s Administration from putting forward a presentation outlining the terms of a highly publicized development proposal of the long-vacant Roebling Block 2 site from the company Princetel. As a result, the CEO of Princetel and other members of the public were denied the opportunity to speak and or express their concerns on the issue during the conference meeting. Ultimately no proposal was ever brought before Council, and the site remains undeveloped.

McBride opened public comment during the council meeting held on October 19, 2021, and the Superior Officers’ Association (SOA) was recognized to speak. McBride interrupted and prevented the union from discussing a time-sensitive and emergent issue concerning an impending shutdown of the Trenton Police emergency radio system. Before the public comment portion of the meeting, McBride denied several attempts to include the radio issue on the docket made by representatives of Mayor Reed Gusciora’s Administration and Councilman Joe Harrison.

A lawsuit was filed in Superior Court to intervene on the issue that McBride refused to bring before the governing body. The SOA became a party to that suit to protect the public safety interests of its membership, given McBride’s refusal to allow the SOA to express those concerns and memorialize them onto the public record. As a result, the Court facilitated temporary measures that ensured that police radio service would continue uninterrupted, allowing an eventual transition onto a new system.

As McBride held subsequent meetings in violation of the OPMA and before the Police Radio lawsuit was resolved, SOA President Woodhead filed a separate lawsuit over the OPMA violations. During oral argument and in response to interrogatories, counsel for the Defendants admitted that McBride prevented the SOA from speaking about the radio issue and acknowledged that the OPMA applies to council meetings.

Arguing in support of their cross-motion for summary judgment, Counsel for McBride attempted to downplay the violation as a one-off, attributing the limitations imposed on the SOA’s public comment to the length of the meeting itself. Their argument then equates the Governing Body’s refusal to adopt the rule restricting public comment and the remedial action of removal of the phrase “docket items only” from subsequent conference meeting agendas with compliance with the OPMA.

Those arguments fell flat during oral argument when SOA attorney Arthur Murray of Stuart Alterman and Associates presented audiovisual evidence prepared by Woodhead depicting Council President McBride’s acting in persistent defiance of the OPMA. During the conference session meeting on October 18, 2022, just three days prior to the hearing before the Court, McBride opened public comments repeating the warning “pertaining to the docket” in defiance of the OPMA invalidating the arguments her Counsel was arguing to the Court on her behalf.

The Court denied the City’s cross-motion and issued a decision in favor of Woodhead and the SOA. The judge ruled that the facts not in dispute demonstrate to the Court that a pattern of violations occurred to the extent that an injunction was necessary to curb future violations and that “there is an established pattern of Defendants violating the OPMA. Additionally, the matter is not moot because the threat of continued violations is real.”

The injunctive relief granted by the Court will declare Council President McBride’s rule limiting the subject matter of speech during the public comment portion of Council meetings to be null and void. An Order will also restrain Council from invoking any procedural rule that limits public discussion to docket items only” at any public meeting. Additionally, should future violations occur, an application to enforce litigant’s rights under the current docket number would be the appropriate remedy versus having to file a new cause of action under the OPMA and further clog the Court’s docket.”

Representatives for the SOA are considering addressing the Trenton City Council regarding this issue as a matter of public concern at tonight’s conference session meeting to ensure that both the Council and the public are aware of this decision and its implications moving forward.

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November 1, 2022

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Amazon Music has expanded its offering for Prime members, bringing them a full catalog of music and the most top podcasts available ad-free, at no additional cost to their membership. (Photo: Business Wire)

Lawsuit Filed to Divest New Jersey Pension Fund from Fossil Fuels

November 1, 2022

CHERRY HILL-Attorney William Riback filed a lawsuit (Docket No: HUD-L-003623-22) against the State of New Jersey to prohibit the State’s Pension Fund, worth $90 billion, from investing in the 200 largest oil and gas companies.

The State of New Jersey in its lawsuit against the major oil companies like Exxon admits that these companies are causing catastrophic damage including the palpable destruction of Superstorms Sandy and Ida.

The lawsuit alleges that the State is a perpetrator because it has a substantial investment in the very oil and gas assets through its Pension Fund’s investments into the 200 largest oil and gas companies.

“Divestiture is one small step in holding these 200 largest publicly traded oil companies responsible for the clear and present existential threat they have intentionally created. And the State of New Jersey cannot have it both ways, but must take every step to fulfill its mandate to protect the Public from the harms which will only get worse from here”. The State admits in its lawsuit against the oil majors that more insidious pervasive harms will ensue if its business as usual: “sea-level rise and attendant flooding, erosion, damage to riparian lands and submerged lands, and loss of wetlands and beaches; increased frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, including coastal and inland storms and associated flooding, drought, extreme heat, extreme precipitation events, wildfires, habitat loss, species impacts, and others; ocean warming and acidification; and the cascading social, economic, health, and other consequences of these environmental changes”.

The suit also asks the Court to have a jury to decide if investments in oil and gas are safe assets for the Pension Fund of 800,000 public employees to hold. These 200 largest publicly traded companies owe $1.4 trillion dollars which sits on these companies books as assets. But if $1.4 trillion dollar investment is to be reaped through extraction and consumption, they will act as mega-bombs destroying everything in their path. The only reasonable solution is that these assets must be abandoned which if not properly addressed now, will cause major financial distress for these companies first and foremost. “These oil and gas reserve assets must be stranded and written off,” Riback said.

Mercer County Sheriff Reports Record 260 Pounds Of Unused/Expired Drugs Collected During Take-Back Day

November 1, 2022

TRENTON, NJ (MERCER)–Mercer County Sheriff Jack Kemler announced the results of Saturday’s Prescription Drug Take-Back Day. The popular event urging residents to clean out their medicine cabinets of unused or expired drugs took in a record 260 pounds of pills. The medications disposed of ranged from everyday prescriptions to addictive opioids.

“The Sheriff’s Office’s Prescription Drug Take Back Day reflects my commitment to the safety and health of residents, encouraging everyone to remove unneeded medications from their homes to prevent misuse and addiction from ever starting,” said Sheriff Jack Kemler.

The drop-off event, sponsored twice a year by the Sheriff’s Office, was held at the County Administration Building in Trenton on Saturday, October 29, and is hailed as a safe, fast, and easy way to dispose of old medications and take dangerous drugs out of circulation.

While the agency does not keep formal records on the amounts of prescription drugs collected over the years, the Sheriff’s event held on Saturday appears to be a record for the disposal of unused and expired drugs, besting October 2021’s event that took in over 150 pounds of drugs.

The prescription drugs were turned over to the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and destroyed.

For more information on prescription drug disposal initiatives, contact the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office Programs Section at 609-278-7159.

Children Dropped From Windows In Raging House Fire In Trenton; 11 Displaced, 1 Burned

November 1, 2022

TRENTON, NJ (MERCER)-Sometime around 3:50 a.m. the Trenton Fire Department was dispatched to the 200 Block of Hamilton Avenue near Hudson, for a house fire with reports of entrapment. Initial reports from the first arriving firefighters reported heavy fire on the second floor and were starting primary searches.

City of Trenton, Public Information Officer, Timothy J. Carroll told that it was a three-story building with two apartments and the fire was located on the first floor. Due to inability to exit through the interior stairs, kids were dropped to people and responders through windows. A Person rescued from 2nd floor by way of ground ladder. One male victim had burns due to trying to remove mattress from a bedroom on fire.

Carroll, also stated that eleven people were displaced and the Red Cross responded to assist the displaced residents.

Investigators from the New Jersey Division of Fire Safety and the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Officer were on scene investigating.

This is the second house fire overnight where people had to jump or exit though windows to the street below. The fire was reported at 24 Tyler Street and multiple people had to be rescued and there were reports of serious burns.

Please make sure that there are working smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms and a fire extinguisher in your home as required by NJ Uniformed Fire Code. See requirements below.

Above photos by: Brian McCarthy

My Salon Suite Opens Second Location In Hamilton Township

November 1, 2022

HAMILTON, NJ – Mayor Jeff Martin recently joined My Salon Suite owners Joe Caretta, Aaron Gillaspie, and over thirty My Salon Suite members for the grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony of their second location in Hamilton Township.

Owner Joe Carretta brought My Salon Suite’s unique concept to Hamilton with his first location on Quakerbridge Road in June 2021. Along with Partner Aaron Gillaspie, Carretta has opened a second location in the Hamilton Marketplace with over 30 units and potential to expand. Wishing to continue their growth in New Jersey, they chose the location in the Hamilton Marketplace due both in part to convenient access to area highways and the businesses within the Hamilton Marketplace which will help one another to prosper. 

My Salon Suite, a franchise based in Louisiana, offers state of the art salon and spa suites each featuring quiet-glide sliding glass doors for privacy and a 24-hour security system offering secure code access entry for My Salon Suite clients. Each salon owner, called a My Salon Suite member, was invited to customize their suite to best capture their individual vibe and spirit. The services offered at the Hamilton Marketplace location include haircuts for all ages, barber services, makeup, skincare, brow and lash services, hair removal, and massage. 

“At the first grand opening, I said we were breaking a record with the most businesses opening in one day, but tonight, we have certainly passed that, with over 30 businesses opening! It is truly wonderful to see so many new businesses celebrate with the opening of My Salon Suite’s second location in Hamilton,” said Mayor Martin.

The My Salon Suite members who were present to celebrate the opening of their new businesses were: Kreative Image, Heartlys Hair Studio, Lash Locks Studio LLC., The Beauty Coven, DNA Hair Lab, Sanctuary Massage Enterprises, Aria Hair Studio, Patel Medical Esthetics, Chrissy’s Studio 202, CV Hair Studio, Studio 23 Luxe, Aimer La Vie, Dawn Lewis Designs, Flaire Beauty Box, Mane Ego, Evolve Thru Fitness, Inabrow, Karlita Lorenzana Beauty, Sakile, Key Beauty, Leslie’s Studio, Hair Studio 501, True Beauty Esthetics, Follow Me Salon Company, Live Love Hair, Bella Mia Hair & Makeup, Dermaart, Distinctive Touch By Rita, Avira By Shira, Trependous, Hakuna Matata Hair Studio, Nail Studio By Yadi, Karma Salon by Heather Michelle, and Head Case Hair Salon. To learn more about My Salon Suite visit and book your appointment, visit

Visit to learn of the new businesses that have recently opened or have relocated to Hamilton and read up on why Hamilton is a great place for businesses to call home!


430 Marketplace Blvd
Hamilton Township New Jersey 08691



3100 Quakerbridge Road
Mercerville New Jersey 08619