Mayor Gusciora Statement on Court Approval of St. Francis Sale

December 1, 2022

TRENTON, NJ (MERCER)–Mayor W. Reed Gusciora issued the following statement regarding the Mercer County Superior Court decision yesterday approving the transfer of ownership of St. Francis Hospital in Trenton, from Trinity Health to Capital Health.

“While unfortunate, this hospital closure has been inevitable for years. Yesterday’s court decision confirms that inescapable outcome. However, we have not stood by and allowed the City’s health care capabilities to be diminished.” Mayor Gusciora said. “We negotiated three key City needs with the private parties during the process, and this court decision ensures those needs can and should still be fully met.”

When Trinity, the parent company of St. Francis, announced this year they were leaving the state and that the hospital would merge with Capital Health’s Helene Fuld Medical Center, Gusciora requested: 1) that the state-issued Certificate of Need (CN) designating a Cardiac Care-specialized hospital remain in Trenton; 2) that the St. Francis Hospital structure be demolished before being handed over to the City; and 3) that the same level of care be offered to residents after the closure and merger.

“The health care industry is in transition. Virtual health and home-based services boomed during the pandemic and the market is favoring lower-cost freestanding and non-acute sites right now,” Gusciora said. “As I have said, the worst possible outcome would be the outright closure of St. Francis. Had St. Francis closed without being acquired by Capital Health, its CN for cardiac care would have returned to the State with no guarantee it would remain in Trenton. We will continue to monitor the situation and fight for equitable health access for the Capital City.”

File photo by: Brian McCarthy

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