West Windsor Firefighters Save Dog Stuck In Thin Ice

December 29, 2022

WEST WINDSOR, NJ (MERCER)–On December 29, 2022, at approximately 9:30 a.m., on-duty personnel responded to Village Grande at Bear Creek for an animal in distress

While en route, units were made aware that a dog was stuck in thin ice on the Bear Creek, a short distance from the roadway. Before calling 9-1-1 for assistance, the dog’s owner attempted to reach the dog but was unable.

Once on scene, Firefighter Oravsky donned proper PPE and entered the water. Firefighter Oravsky was able to grasp the pup and return to the bank to pass him over to Firefighters Vandegrift and Moore

Upon exiting the water, the dog was ushered into an area to warm up while the owner arranged transport to an area veterinary hospital for evaluation.

Please stay off the ice. The thickness of ice is unpredictable and unsafe. If you see a person or an animal in distress on the ice, do not try to rescue them. Call 9-1-1 while maintaining a visual on them until help arrives, and you can point them out to the responder.