Mayor Reed Gusciora and Trenton City Council Celebrate Mother-Son Duo Who Serve in the Trenton Fire Department

Karla Townsend and Solomon Townsend are Celebrated for their Public Service

March 3, 2023

Trenton N.J. – Mayor Reed Gusciora celebrated a mother-son duo who serve in the Trenton Fire Department: Firefighters Karla Townsend and Solomon Townsend. At a press event, Mayor Gusciora and the Trenton City Council presented Karla Townsend with a proclamation to honor her service to the City of Trenton.

Mayor W. Reed Gusciora stated, “Karla’s service has helped save the lives, livelihoods, and homes of numerous Trentonians over her storied career, and has helped preserve the city we call home. This track record of service has inspired her son Solomon: Together they are breaking barriers in fire service.”

Firefighter (FF) Karla Townsend, assigned to Engine 9 Platoon D, is a driver, pump operator, and NJ certified EMS first responder; she is the third woman to be hired as a firefighter in the City of Trenton’s history, and has served Trenton residents for the past 17 years. FF Solomon Townsend is a nozzle firefighter of Engine 3 Platoon D, and he is also an NJ certified EMS First Responder. 

Trenton Fire Department Director Kenneth Douglas affirmed, “Our department is proud to have a mother-son duo, who are two of Trenton’s bravest, to protect our Capital City. Karla is a trailblazer for her family and her city: It is amazing that she has inspired her son, Solomon, to become a firefighter. I wish them both success in their careers: They are an inspiration not just to the City of Trenton, but throughout the fire service. I’m proud to call them Trenton’s bravest family.”

South Ward Councilwoman Jenna Figueroa Kettenburg remarked, “As we start Women’s History Month, we honor Karla Townsend, a hero in the Trenton Fire Department, and a role model for so many in the Capital City. Our first responders risk their lives to keep Trentonians safe; I’m proud to celebrate the Townsends and their incredible impact on the City of Trenton.”