Day: May 4, 2023

Trenton-Mercer Airport Holds Required Full Scale Emergency Exercise

May 4, 2023

EWING TOWNSHIP, NJ (MERCER)–The Trenton-Mercer Airport TTN held a full a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) required full scale emergency exercise this evening. The required emergency training exercise is required every three years by the FAA and numerous fire departments, emergency medical services and law enforcement participated. The purpose of the exercise is to evaluate the level of preparedness of the First Responders expected to be involved in an actual emergency at TTN. The training allowed professionals of various emergency disciplines the opportunity to train together at a real-life venue. The exercise also provides an opportunity to critique the response procedures of emergency service personnel, as well as provide an opportunity to improve and revise the Airport Emergency Plan, if necessary.

“This exercise goes directly to the most important responsibility of government: the welfare and safety of our residents, our emergency responders, and our airport users,” said Mercer County Executive Brian Hughes.

The airport is part of the Mercer County Department of Transportation and Infrastructure, headed by Deputy Administrator Aaron T. Watson. Director Watson, who will be carefully monitoring the progress of the exercise.

Director Watson said, “The important elements of this exercise include the identification, coordination, and assignment of specific agencies and equipment to specific tasks, the effectiveness of the lines of authority and communication, and the actual mechanics of the response and scene management. Trenton-Mercer Airport has an impeccable safety record, and it is tests such as this that help us achieve success,”

The exercise focuses on a passenger aircraft that has landed at the airport. While on the landing roll, a single-engine Cessna aircraft began taxiing across the active runway, colliding with the commercial aircraft. This collision shears off the main landing gear of the commercial aircraft causing it to slide to a stop and causing a fuel leak.

Along with TTN Administration and TTN ARFF Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Station 34, agencies from every level of government took part in the exercise, including the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office, the Mercer County Office of Emergency Management, the Ewing Township Police Department, the Ewing Township Office of Emergency Management, the Hopewell Police Department, the Hopewell Office of Emergency Management, the New Jersey Division of Aeronautics, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

Fire Departments, (partial list) –Ewing Township Fire Department- Station 30, Prospect Heights Fire Company-Station 31, West Trenton Fire Company-Station 33, Union-Titusville Fire Company-Station 53, Upper Makefield, PA Washington Crossing,

Emergency Medical Services EMS, (partial list)–Trenton EMS TEMS, Capital Health System EMS, Ewing Township EMS, Union Fire Company and Rescue Squad of Titusville, East Windsor, Robert Wood Johnson Health Network EMS, Lambertville, Kingwood, Princeton, Hightstown, Atlantic City, Martinsville, Gloucester County EMS, Tri-Hampton, North Warren and Waterford Township EMS.

Others: Salvation Army, the Mercer County CERT Team, and countless volunteers. Fire, Rescue, and EMS agencies from outside Mercer County also assisted at the exercise. FirstNet had communications vehicles set up next to the drill site.

Above photos by: Dennis Symons, Jr.

Above photos by: Brian McCarthy OnScene News

Above photos by: NJ Public Safety News Alerts