Brick Township Police Officers Rescue Injured Female from a Wave Runner Accident

August 18, 2023

BRICK TOWNSHIP, NJ (OCEAN)–Brick Township Police Department reported that on Friday, August 11th, at 3:56 p.m., Lieutenant Paul Catalina and Officers Andriy Shevchuk and Carissa Pagnotta, were patrolling on the Metedeconk River when they came upon a female in distress and an unoccupied wave runner personal water craft (PWC). The female had been operating a PWC when she collided with her boyfriend who was operating another PWC, at which time she was ejected from the craft and into the water. The female was complaining of pain in her leg which was later determined to be broken.                  

Officers utilized a boat pole to reach the victim and were able to pull her onto the patrol boat. The female was then transported to Pier 281 Marina on Princeton Avenue where EMTs were standing by to transport her to the hospital for treatment of her injuries. Officer Shevchuk drove her wave runner to the same marina for safe keeping. The NJSP Marine Unit responded to handle the crash report.                  

Body camera footage, which has been redacted due to the victim’s age, shows the officers pulling her onto the boat, and later carrying her off the boat onto the dock where EMTs were waiting. Chief David Forrester commends the officers for this water rescue whose quick and decisive actions prevented further harm to a young woman in danger.