Wall Twp. Police Warn Of Distraction Thefts

August 31, 2023

WALL TOWNSHIP, NJ — The Wall Township Police Department is alerting the community not to fall victim to distraction thefts. On August 31st, 2023 a motorist was parked in the parking lot of Acme located at 2007 state Hwy 35 when she was approached by 3 unknown actors. While one of the actors motioned to the motorists that something was under her vehicle the other two actors opened the passenger side door and attempted to remove valuables. Luckily for this motorist, she realized what was occurring before the unknown actors could take anything. The unknown actors left the scene prior to patrols’ arrival. The incident is still under investigation.

These types of thefts may occur as an individual working alone or a small team working together. These thieves use some type of distraction as their tool as opposed to physically accosting their victim. Here are some tips to help you avoid becoming a victim:

Stay cautious: Be aware of your surroundings and remain alert when approached by strangers.

Stay in control: Be cautious of distractions and be wary of helpful individuals who claim you have a problem with your car.

Lock your doors: Always lock your vehicle doors whether you’re out in public or at home.

Secure your valuables: Make sure to store your valuables out of sight, like under the passenger seat or under a jacket, or take them with you. Never leave items such as purses, wallets, electronics or other valuable items in plain view.

Park wisely: When possible park in well-lit and populated areas, especially during nighttime.

Report suspicious activity: Immediately contact police if you notice any suspicious behavior or believe you’ve been a victim of a distraction theft. Your prompt report can help us identify patterns and apprehend the culprits.