Trenton Police Department Announces Statistics for 2023 Summer Initiative Task Force

September 21, 2023

TRENTON, NJ (MERCER)–The Trenton Police Department has released statistics detailing the results of the Summer Initiative Task Force. Starting in June, the joint effort between TPD, the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office, Mercer County Sheriff’s Office, Federal Law Enforcement Partners, the State Police, and Trenton’s Street Teams resulted in numerous arrests, the confiscation of drugs and weapons, and multiple summonses issued, amongst other accomplishments before completing on September 10.

Detectives and Officers utilized various deployment efforts including: targeting known violent offenders with active arrest warrants, conducting vehicle interdictions and increasing traffic enforcement, utilizing Packetalk cameras to covertly conduct surveillance throughout the city, increasing suppression patrol and Walk and Rides in the “Hot Spots” throughout various parts of the City, and addressing complaints submitted to the Director’s Office, City Hall and the Tip Line regarding the open-air use/sale of illegal narcotics, violations of city ordinances, and weapons offenses.

“I am immensely proud of the work Director Wilson has spearheaded with this Summer Initiative Task Force. This collaboration between TPD, the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office, the State Police, and our Street Teams has resulted in great success. Thousands of doses of harmful, illicit drugs are now off our streets. Over sixty firearms have been seized, nearly 350 arrests conducted, and over $50,000 cash has been confiscated and removed from illicit trade, among numerous other achievements. Thank you to this collaborative team for helping make our streets and communities safer for all,” said Mayor Reed Gusciora.

The chart shows the amount of drugs, guns, arrests made, and money confiscated throughout each month and the total number for the summer.

Aside from arrests and the confiscation of drugs, weapons, and money, the Task Force also focused on clearing warrants, increasing patrols and traffic enforcement, and responding to complaints and notifications of city ordinance violations and weapons offenses.

In June, the initiative led to 79 cleared warrants, 391 motor vehicle stops, 521 motor vehicle summonses issued, 42 vehicles towed, and 100 violations of City Ordinance summonses issued.

In July, these efforts led to 69 cleared warrants, 383 motor vehicle stops, 733 motor vehicle summonses issued, 54 vehicles towed, and 201 violations of City Ordinance summonses issued.

In August, 154 warrants were cleared, 468 motor vehicle stops conducted, 780 motor vehicle summonses issued, 93 vehicles towed, and 165 violations of City Ordinance summonses issued.

From September 1 – 10, there were 31 warrants cleared, 133 motor vehicle stops, 236 motor vehicle summonses, 15 vehicles towed, and 32 violations of City Ordinance summonses issued.

In total, the Initiative resulted in 333 warrants cleared, 1375 motor vehicle stops, 2270 motor vehicle summonses, 204 vehicles towed, and 498 violations.

Cumulatively, these efforts resulted in the seizure of 584 grams of crack-cocaine, 8254 decks of heroin, 61 firearms, and $53,309 in cash off city streets and out of the hands of drug and firearm traffickers. 342 arrests were conducted over the course of the summer.

“I want to thank every Officer and Detective who played a part in making the Summer Initiative successful. After a hectic start, we were able to curb the violence and make the Capital City a safer place for all residents during the Summer and will continue to do so as the year goes on,” Director Wilson said.