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Jamesburg Man Sentenced In South Brunswick Fatal Hit & Run

January 6, 2021

SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ (MIDDLESEX)–Middlesex County Prosecutor Yolanda Ciccone and Chief Raymond J. Hayducka of the South Brunswick Police Department announced that a Jamesburg man has been sentenced for his involvement in a crash resulting in the death of Cory Holsten, 25, of the Dayton section of South Brunswick.

Peter Prete, 59, of Jamesburg, was sentenced by the Honorable Andrea Carter, J.S.C. to an aggregate eleven years in prison on one count of second-degree knowingly leaving the scene of a motor vehicle crash resulting in death and one count of third-degree hindering his own apprehension. Upon his release from prison, Prete will be subject to a one-year loss of license for having left the scene of the crash.

Prete was arrested and charged following an investigation by Patrolman William Merkler of the South Brunswick Police Department and Detective Jonathan Berman of the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office.  The investigation determined that on August 8, 2019, at approximately 8:50 P.M., Prete was driving a Jeep Wrangler when he was involved in a crash with a motorcycle driven by Holsten.  Prete then fled the scene.  Holsten was pronounced dead at the scene from the injuries he sustained in the crash.

Memorial Fundraiser for Dylan Gleason Who Was Killed In Tragic Accident On Route 1 Saturday

January 5, 2021

WEST WINDSOR, NJ (MERCER)–Dylan I. Gleason, Resident of Kendall Park, NJ was killed in a tragic accident on Saturday and friends have set up a GoFundMe. All proceeds will go directly to the Gleason family.

You can access the GoFundMe page here:

On Saturday morning, January 2nd, we lost an exceptional young man, Dylan Gleason.

As a Delt, Dylan went out of his way to make everyone feel loved and welcomed. He upheld Delt values to their highest extent, and was the embodiment of “Truth, Courage, Faith and Power”. He  was committed to a life of excellence, and succeeded on every front. 

To quote the Memoriam Statement issued by the Muhlenberg Chaplain’s Office,  Dylan was “An honor student, Presidential Scholar, and theater major, Dylan loved all aspects of  Theater Art and Production, especially the people who comprised the theater community. He was skilled in stage management and lighting, and gifted in song, voice and acting. Dylan was involved in many Muhlenberg groups including, Delta Tau Delta, The Great American Songbook choral ensemble,  and other performance ensembles and choir groups.

His friends and family describe Dylan as a courageous, loving, resilient, talented, passionate and compassionate man who fiercely protected people, especially those who experienced injustices.

Dylan is survived by his parents, Ken and Abby Gleason, his siblings Seth and Anna, his grandparents and step grandmother, and his extended family.”

WEST WINDSOR, NJ (MERCER)–On Saturday January 2, 2021 at 9:07 am, Patrol & Traffic Units and the WW Division of Fire & Emergency Services were detailed to U.S. Route 1 North at Harrison Street for a Serious Motor Vehicle Collision.  Upon the arrival of responding Units, the individual inside of Vehicle #1, a 2017 Toyota Corolla, was found entrapped in the wreckage and exhibiting no signs of life.   U.S. Route 1 in both South and North directions needed to be fully closed.  

The initial investigation revealed the following: Vehicle #1, a 2017 Toyota Corolla was traveling Northbound on U.S. Route 1 North. Vehicle #2, a 2005 International Dump Truck, was traveling Westbound at the Harrison Street Jug handle and was attempting to continue straight on Harrison Street. The Toyota Corolla was traveling Northbound on U.S. Route 1 North and was approaching the Harrison Street intersection. The intersection is governed by a traffic signal. The traffic signal had been red for U.S. Route 1 traffic and green for the Harrison Street Jug handle traffic. The Toyota struck the International Dump Truck in the U.S. Route 1 Northbound lanes. The collision caused dump truck to overturn. Both Vehicles came to their final resting places in the intersection with dump truck remaining on its passenger’s side.

The Dylan I. Gleason, 21 year old driver of the Toyota from Kendall Park, NJ was pronounced deceased at the scene. The Driver dump truck Julio R. Lopez-Alavrez, 22 year old resident of Princeton was uninjured from the collision. There were no additional persons in either vehicle. U.S. Route 1 was closed in both directions for approximately 3 hours and 45 minutes. The WWPD Traffic Bureau & Detective Bureau in conjunction with the SCRT are continuing the investigation. If you have any pertinent information, please contact Traffic Officer McQuade at or Traffic Sgt. Bal at or at (609) 799-1222.

Kendall Park, NJ is a section of South Brunswick Township, Middlesex County, NJ

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UPDATE: 21 Year Old Kendall Park Resident Killed In Route 1 Crash

January 2, 2021

WEST WINDSOR, NJ (MERCER)–On Saturday January 2, 2021 at 9:07 am, Patrol & Traffic Units and the WW Division of Fire & Emergency Services were detailed to U.S. Route 1 North at Harrison Street for a Serious Motor Vehicle Collision.  Upon the arrival of responding Units, the individual inside of Vehicle #1, a 2017 Toyota Corolla, was found entrapped in the wreckage and exhibiting no signs of life.   U.S. Route 1 in both South and North directions needed to be fully closed.  

The initial investigation revealed the following: Vehicle #1, a 2017 Toyota Corolla was traveling Northbound on U.S. Route 1 North. Vehicle #2, a 2005 International Dump Truck, was traveling Westbound at the Harrison Street Jug handle and was attempting to continue straight on Harrison Street. The Toyota Corolla was traveling Northbound on U.S. Route 1 North and was approaching the Harrison Street intersection. The intersection is governed by a traffic signal. The traffic signal had been red for U.S. Route 1 traffic and green for the Harrison Street Jug handle traffic. The Toyota struck the International Dump Truck in the U.S. Route 1 Northbound lanes. The collision caused dump truck to overturn. Both Vehicles came to their final resting places in the intersection with dump truck remaining on its passenger’s side.

The 21 year old driver of the Toyota from Kendall Park, NJ was pronounced deceased at the scene. The Driver dump truck a 22 year old resident of Princeton was uninjured from the collision. There were no additional persons in either vehicle. U.S. Route 1 was closed in both directions for approximately 3 hours and 45 minutes. The WWPD Traffic Bureau & Detective Bureau in conjunction with the SCRT are continuing the investigation. If you have any pertinent information, please contact Traffic Officer McQuade at or Traffic Sgt. Bal at or at (609) 799-1222.

**Identities withheld at this time**

Kendall Park, NJ is a section of South Brunswick Township, Middlesex County, NJ


2020 South Brunswick Police Awards, Acts of life-saving, bravery, and perseverance recognized.

December 28, 2020

SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ (MIDDLESEX)–This year has been like none before it, but we don’t want to let the outstanding work officers have done go unnoticed. Each May we hold an awards ceremony recognizing the works or bravery and perseverance of officers and citizens. This year that has not been possible, but over the course of the past two weeks, we have given officers awards individually. These awards were submitted to a committee of officers for a determination of their merits. A final report was submitted to the Chief of Police who authorized the awards. Chief Raymond Hayducka said, “These officers’ actions stopped violent criminals, saved lives, and enhanced our community. This has been a difficult year, but reviewing these awards just reinforces what a great department we have. I also want to thank the community members who step up year after year to make our Township great.”  

The 2020 Awards are broken down into 4 categories – Exceptional Service Award, Lifesaving, Community Service / Letter of Commendation, and Civilian Award and recognize efforts during 2019.
I. Exceptional Service Award – This award is given out to recognize the outstanding work of officers and detectives to track down suspects, solve cases, and bring justice for victims. It is the highest award given out this year.
Exceptional Service Award – Exploited Victims Investigation

  • Detective Brian Sites

Detective Sites investigated a series of crimes where young women were being exploited and extorted on the internet. Detective Sites conducted a four-month investigation that included the procurement of numerous court orders, the execution of search warrants, seizure of digital evidence, and the examination of thousands of images. He coordinated with the New Jersey State Police Cyber Crime Unit and the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office to pursue this suspect. His investigation determined the suspect had been victimizing young women for several years. His comprehensive investigation led to the arrest and conviction of the suspect. His work brought closure to the victims and an end to the sexual exploitation.
Exceptional Service Award – Dark Web Drug Operation Arrests

  • Lieutenant Jeffrey Russo

Lieutenant Russo conducted a yearlong joint investigation along with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and the Drug Enforcement Agency into narcotics trafficking over the “Dark Web.” The joint investigation concluded with the execution of multiple search warrants throughout the state of New Jersey. The investigation resulted in the largest seizure of Xanax in the State. Five subjects were arrested and charged with multiple counts of trafficking narcotics. Lieutenant Russo’s hard work, dedication, and inter-agency coordination led to the successful conclusion of this case.
Exceptional Service – Dispute Investigation

  • Officer Michael Urstadt

On June 30th, Officer Urstadt investigated a dispute incident where the actor reported that he was the victim of a stabbing. The actual victim was afraid to call the police because she suffered significant abuse by the male. Officer Urstadt’s investigation determined that the true victim in the assault was the woman and the man had staged the crime scene.  The woman was treated for substantial injuries and the man was arrested. Officer Urstadt’s diligent investigation ensured a strong evidence-based prosecution.
Exceptional Service Award – Fatal Hit and Run Arrest

  • Traffic Safety Bureau -Sergeant Gary Holsten, Officer Michael Leung, Officer Jesse Blake, Officer William Merkler

On August 8th the Traffic Safety Bureau responded to a fatal hit and run motor vehicle crash on County Route 535. The investigation was complex, including the processing of three separate crime scenes over a five-mile area, multiple witness interviews, DNA/evidence collection, and multiple search warrants. The investigation resulted in tracking down and arresting the suspect responsible for the death. The investigation demonstrated initiative, skill, and dedication. 
Exceptional Service – Handgun Arrest

  • Lieutenant Scott Reeves & Officer Bryan Garrison

On August 13th, Officer Garrison responded to a report of an individual who had brandished a firearm. Officer Garrison quickly located the suspect vehicle and coordinated a high-risk motor vehicle stop with other officers, removing all occupants. Lieutenant Reeves canvassed the route the suspect vehicle had traveled, successfully recovering a loaded firearm with hollow point ammunition. The coordination of efforts led to the arrest of the actor with no injuries to the victims, suspect, bystanders, or officers.
Exceptional Service Award – Robbery Arrest

  • Detective Domenick Delucia, Detective Brian Sites

On October 11 and while off duty, Detective Delucia observed a vehicle matching the description of a vehicle involved in a recent gas station armed robbery. Detective Delucia quickly coordinated assistance with other officers and Detective Sites responded. The suspect exited a store and officers approached to speak with him. The suspect fled on foot with detectives in pursuit. The detectives captured the suspect after a half-mile foot chase. The investigation brought an end to a robbery spree that spanned two states and three counties. Detective Delucia and Detective Sites’ awareness and quick actions led to take a dangerous criminal off the streets.
Exceptional Service Award – Armed Suspect Arrest

  • Sergeant Richard Hutchison, Officer Gagan Chopra, Officer George Morgan, Officer Jarrid Harpster

On December 22nd, officers responded to a hotel on a report of a wanted man with a stolen shotgun. Officers quickly arrived and officers conducted a systematic search of the five-story hotel.  The team of officers ultimately located the armed suspect behind a banquet table. They were able to take him into custody without any injury to hotel guests, officers, or the suspect. The quick actions of this team neutralized a dangerous situation.
II. Life Saving Medal – This award is given to officers whose actions saved the life of a person.
Life-Saving Medal

  • Officer George Vit, Officer Joseph Marrero, Officer Joseph Rausch, Officer Jason Stonkus

On September 17th officers responded to a report of an 88-year-old male who was unresponsive. The officers’ quick response and teamwork allowed them to promptly administer CPR and an automated external defibrillator. The man regained a pulse and made a full recovery. Their actions saved his life.
Life-Saving Medal

  • Officer Jarrid Harpster, Officer Kent English

On December 10th Officer Harpster and Officer English responded to a report of a male that had stabbed himself in the chest multiple times. Officer Harpster determined that the male was suffering from a sucking chest wound. Officer Harpster improvised and utilized a plastic bag with duct tape to create a chest seal to stabilize the victim. Officer Harpster and Officer English continued to provide lifesaving care until the arrival of advanced emergency medical services. Their prompt actions saved the man’s life. 
Life-Saving Medal

  • Officer Daniel Rodriguez, Officer Michael Urstadt, Officer Tyler Harpster, Officer Jason Stonkus

On August 1st officers responded to a report of a 49-year-old male who was unresponsive. The officers’ quick response and teamwork allowed them to promptly administer CPR and an automated external defibrillator. The man regained a pulse and made a full recovery. Their actions saved his life.
Life-Saving Medal

  • Officer Christopher Magee-Vanderveen, Officer Daniel Rodriguez, Officer Michael Urstadt

On July 22nd, officers responded to a report of a 48-year-old male who was unresponsive. The officers’ quick response and teamwork allowed them to promptly administer CPR and an automated external defibrillator. The man regained a pulse and made a full recovery. Their actions saved his life.
III. Community Service Award / Letter of Commendation – This award is given to officers who make the actions and efforts to improve the lives of residents and enhance the community.
Community Service Award

  • Sergeant Nathan Labuda

Sergeant Nathan Labuda has organized the Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Run in South Brunswick Township for the last seven years. Sergeant Labuda coordinated fundraising efforts which resulted in substantial donations to the New Jersey Special Olympics. Sergeant Labuda also partnered with the South Brunswick School District to include special needs athletes from three different schools in a portion of the run. Sgt. Labuda’s efforts reflect the best of our department and community partnership.
Community Service Award

  • Officer George Morgan

Officer Morgan has become deeply involved with the South Brunswick Community both in an official capacity and as a volunteer for many community events. From his work raising funds for people in need to his coaching young people in basketball, he embodies community engagement.  His efforts have fostered a positive relationship and partnership with the community, juveniles, and numerous other organizations. His efforts reflect well on our department and community.
Letter of Commendation

  • Public Safety Tele communicator (PST) John Muccioli

On October 11, PST Muccioli exhibited excellent discretion and communication skills in coordinating a rapidly evolving foot pursuit of a robbery suspect. With little warning, detectives broadcasted that they were in a foot pursuit of a robbery suspect. PST Muccioli was able to provide precise and vital information, which greatly aided in the coordination for responding patrol units. His efforts helped lead to the capture of the robbery suspect.
Letter of Commendation

  • Detective Timothy Hoover

Beginning in June of 2019, Detective Hoover led an investigation involving the Distribution of CDS. He coordinated efforts with other agencies. The operation was dynamic and Detective Hoover handled all avenues of the investigation with excellence. A large quantity of CDS was taken off the street. The efforts of Det. Hoover showed initiative, professionalism, and quick thinking.
Letter of Commendation

  • Officer Brooke Labell

On September 24th, Officer Labell, as a member of the department’s crime scene evidence technician program was assigned to process a burglary scene at a residence. Officer Labell’s detailed crime scene processing led to the recovery of latent fingerprints from the point of entry. The New Jersey State Police lab linked the latent fingerprints to a suspect who was later arrested.
Letter of Commendation

  • Officer Matthew Hagood

Officer Hagood responded to a report of a teen being dehydrated and lost in a heavily wooded area. Officer Hagood located the juvenile who was stuck in the mud up to his knees. The juvenile was assisted out of the mud and provided with medical attention. Officer Hagood’s actions led to safely locating the juvenile.
IV. Civilian Awards – This category represents citizens whose efforts over the past year helped the South Brunswick Police Department.
Citizens Appreciation Award

  • Fazil Syed

On February 19th, Mr. Fazil Syed observed a Nixle during the late evening hours alerting his neighborhood about a missing 10-year-old nonverbal autistic child. Mr. Syed immediately left his home and began to search his neighborhood. Mr. Syed quickly located the child and alerted the police. The child had been outside in the cold for several hours. Mr. Syed’s selfless act resulted in the child being safely reunited with his family.
Civilian Staff Recognition Award

  • Caryl Greenberg

For over thirteen years, Caryl Greenberg worked hand in hand with the police department in helping members of our community while serving as a social worker. Caryl proved to be an invaluable resource and problem solver for our officers.  The lives she has positively impacted could never be measured. Caryl’s service and leadership have been vital to the success of the South Brunswick Police Department.
Chief’s Safety Award

  • Mildred Torres – Domestic Violence Response Team

Mildred Torres is awarded the Chief’s Safety Award for assisting victims of domestic violence in South Brunswick for over ten years. The Domestic Violence Response Team has proven to be an effective tool to support victims in breaking the cycle of domestic violence. Mildred Torres’s service and leadership has been vital to the success of the Domestic Violence Response Team’s partnership with the South Brunswick Police Department.
Chief’s Safety Award

  • Christine Caputo-Raddatz

Christine Caputo-Raddatz is awarded the Chief’s Safety Award for protecting the children of South Brunswick Township day in and day out by serving as a crossing guard for over 10 years.
Citizens Appreciation Award

  • Francis White and Francis White Jr.

On December 10th, Mr. Francis White and Mr. Francis White Jr. observed a male stabbing himself in the chest with a knife. Both men wrestled the knife away from the male. Mr. White provided live-saving care and directed officers to his location. The efforts of Mr. White and Mr. White Jr saved the man’s life.


Strong Storm Moves Though Area Knocking Down Trees And Utility Poles In South Brunswick


December 25, 2020

Before heading out this morning check for the latest traffic delays and closured due to last night’s storm.

SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ (MIDDLESEX)–South Brunswick Police Department reports: Rt 1 Southbound will be closed for 8 hours or more between Sand Hill Road and Beekman Road.  Rt 1 Northbound between Major Road and Northumberland Way may be closed for up to 24 hours.  PSEG is on scene.  There are numerous poles down. 

Rt 27 in South Brunswick in both directions between Allston Road and New Road will be closed for at least 8 hours. 

Christmas Parade, Hospital Appreciation At UPenn Princeton Medical Center

December 18, 2020

Team coverage by: Dennis Symons, Tyler Eckel, and Brian McCarthy

PLAINSBORO, NJ (MIDDLESEX)–Firefighters, EMS, and police with over 50 pieces of apparatus took part in a hospital worker appreciation event tonight at UPenn Princeton Medical Center. Hosted by Plainsboro Fire Department and Police, many agencies came through to show their support for hospital workers.

Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, and even the Grinch showed up to show their support riding in the fire department’s ladder towers and were able to see hospital employees though the windows of the hospital.

This is a partial list of those participated:

Plainsboro Fire, Plainsboro EMS, Plainsboro Police Department, West Windsor Police Department, Princeton University Pubic Safety, Kingston Fire Company, Monmouth Junction Fire Comapny, Kendal Park Fire Comapny, Hightstown Fire Department, Little Rocky Hill Fire Company, Griggstown Fire Company, Middlesex County Hazmat, Princeton Plasma Physics Lab Fire Department, South River Fire Department, Monroe Fire Company – 51, Lawrenceville Fire Company -23, North Brunswick Fire Company #1, North Brunswick Fire Comnpany #2, North Brunswick Fire Company #3, New Jersey State Forest Fire Service, NJSP Aviation Unit, East Windsor Rescue Squad, Princeton Rescue Squad, Mercer County Fire Coordinator, Hopewell Fire Department – 52

Above photos by: Tyler Eckel

Murphy USA To Acquire QuickChek Corporation for $645 Million

December 14, 2020

EL DORADO, Ark. and WHITEHOUSE STATION, N.J., Dec. 14, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Murphy USA announced an agreement to acquire QuickChek Corporation (“QuickChek”) in an all-cash transaction for $645 million. The purchase price includes expected tax benefits valued at $20 million for a net after-tax purchase price of $625 million. The transaction will be financed with a combination of cash on hand, existing credit facilities and new debt, and Murphy USA has obtained committed financing from the Royal Bank of Canada.

QuickChek represents a truly distinctive business in a class shared by only a few comparable industry peers. Founded in 1967 as an extension of Durling Farms, a door-to-door milk and fresh dairy products delivery service that originally opened in 1888, it is a family-owned chain of 157 stores located in central and northern New Jersey and the New York metro area. It operates a best-in-class food and beverage (“F&B”) model with a strong regional brand and engaged customer following, offering quick-serve restaurant style food alongside convenience items; a high-volume fuel offer is included at 89 of its newest stores. Its industry leading economics are evidenced by robust per-store per-year merchandise sales of $3.5 million, combined merchandise margins of 38% with F&B representing over 50% of the mix, and per-store per-year fuel gallons of 3.8 million. Additionally, QuickChek has a proven history of same-store-sales growth and a rich real estate pipeline to sustain unit growth within its existing footprint.

The acquisition is consistent with Murphy USA’s updated capital allocation strategy as announced in October. It represents a continued commitment to deliver exceptional and sustained value to long-term shareholders and will complement other ongoing value creation mechanisms, including ongoing productivity improvement initiatives, organic growth, share repurchase and a dividend.

“In October we outlined an updated capital allocation strategy and committed to improving our food and beverage offer at existing and future sites,” said Murphy USA President and CEO Andrew Clyde. “This transaction greatly accelerates those efforts and benefits, and is expected to provide reverse synergies across our network, while enhancing future returns on new stores. The transaction is also expected to create direct synergies that leverage our enterprise scale and our distinctive capabilities in fuel, tobacco and loyalty. We are excited to join forces with an exceptional and highly engaged team at QuickChek who share Murphy USA’s passion for delivering excellence every day to all our stakeholders.”

“QuickChek and Murphy USA both reflect a family heritage and a strong people culture,” said QuickChek CEO and Chairman Dean Durling. “I am thrilled by Murphy USA’s commitment to honor our legacy and preserve our brand while learning from our business model. I am proud of what we have accomplished in making QuickChek what it is today and I am excited about the opportunities for continued growth and success in the next chapter in QuickChek’s journey. I know QuickChek’s dedicated employees and valued customers remain in good hands.”

The above considerations result in highly attractive deal economics. The net investment of $625 million represents a multiple of 13.2 times QuickChek’s estimated LTM October 2020 Adjusted EBITDA of $47 million. Annual run rate synergies of $28 million are expected to be achieved by the third year. When taking into account expected run-rate synergies and tax benefits, the acquisition reflects a multiple of 8.3 times estimated LTM Adjusted EBITDA. The acquisition is projected to be accretive to earnings in 2022, the first full year of combined operations.

The transaction is expected to close during the first quarter of 2021, subject to customary closing conditions and regulatory approval. RBC Capital Markets, LLC acted as exclusive financial advisor and Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP acted as legal advisor to Murphy USA. BofA Securities, Inc. acted as exclusive financial advisor and Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP acted as legal advisor to QuickChek.

Webcast Information
Murphy USA will host a conference call to discuss the transaction at 8:00 a.m. CT on Monday, December 14, 2020. Interested parties may participate by dialing 1-833-968-2218 and referencing conference ID number 8192285. The call can also be accessed via webcast through the Investor Relations section of Murphy USA’s website at The webcast will be available for replay one hour after the conference concludes and a transcript will be made available shortly thereafter.

About Murphy USA
Murphy USA (NYSE:MUSA) is a leading retailer of gasoline and convenience merchandise with nearly 1,500 sites located primarily in the Southwest, Southeast and Midwest United States. The company and its team of nearly 10,000 employees serve an estimated 1.7 million customers each day through its network of retail gasoline stations in 25 states. The majority of Murphy USA’s sites are located in close proximity to Walmart stores. The company also markets gasoline and other products at standalone stores under the Murphy Express brand. Murphy USA ranks 262 among Fortune 500 companies.

About QuickChek
Continuing to redefine “fresh convenience,” QuickChek is a market leader in food service providing local one-stop shopping where consumers can enjoy delicious made-to-order subs and sandwiches, guaranteed fresh brewed coffee, healthy snacks and salads, hot breakfast and more. Looking to make a difference in people’s everyday lives, QuickChek enables consumers to choose their convenience: you can place a mobile order through the QuickChek Rewards app where you’ll earn rewards for future savings; have your order ready through Curbside Pickup; utilize in-store self-checkout counters to get you on your way safe and fast; or have your order delivered through DoorDash and Grub Hub. Based in Whitehouse Station, NJ, the family-owned company operates 157 fresh convenience market stores including 89 locations with fuel throughout New Jersey, New York’s Hudson Valley and Long Island.

Certain statements in this news release contain or may suggest “forward-looking” information (as defined in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995) that involve risk and uncertainties, including, but not limited to anticipated store openings, fuel margins, merchandise margins, sales of RINs and trends in our operations. Such statements are based upon the current beliefs and expectations of the company’s management and are subject to significant risks and uncertainties. Actual future results may differ materially from historical results or current expectations depending upon factors including, but not limited to: our ability to consummate our acquisition of QuickChek on the stated terms or at all; our ability to realize projected synergies from the acquisition of QuickChek and successfully expand our food and beverage offerings; our ability to finance the acquisition of QuickChek on acceptable terms; our ability to continue to maintain a good business relationship with Walmart; successful execution of our growth strategy, including our ability to realize the anticipated benefits from such growth initiatives, and the timely completion of construction associated with our newly planned stores which may be impacted by the financial health of third parties; our ability to effectively manage our inventory, disruptions in our supply chain and our ability to control costs; the impact of severe weather events, such as hurricanes, floods and earthquakes; the impact of a global health pandemic, such as COVID-19 including the impact on our fuel volumes if the gradual recoveries experienced in Q2 2020 stall or reverse as a result of any resurgence in COVID-19 infection rates and government reaction in response thereof; the impact of any systems failures, cybersecurity and/or security breaches, including any security breach that results in theft, transfer or unauthorized disclosure of customer, employee or company information or our compliance with information security and privacy laws and regulations in the event of such an incident; successful execution of our information technology strategy; future tobacco or e-cigarette legislation and any other efforts that make purchasing tobacco products more costly or difficult could hurt our revenues and impact gross margins; changes to the company’s capital allocation, including the timing, declaration, amount and payment of any future dividends or levels of the company’s share repurchases, or management of operating cash; the market price of the Company’s stock prevailing from time to time, the nature of other investment opportunities presented to the Company from time to time, the Company’s cash flows from operations, and general economic conditions; compliance with debt covenants; availability and cost of credit; and changes in interest rates. Our SEC reports, including our most recent annual Report on Form 10-K and quarterly report on Form 10-Q, contain other information on these and other factors that could affect our financial results and cause actual results to differ materially from any forward-looking information we may provide. The company undertakes no obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements to reflect subsequent events, new information or future circumstances.

Supplemental Disclosure Regarding Non-GAAP Financial Information

The reconciliation of estimated LTM October 2020 Adjusted EBITDA to estimated GAAP net income for QuickChek is as follows:

(Millions of dollars)LTM Oct 2020
Estimated net income$8
Income tax expense$3
Interest expense$5
Depreciation and amortization$29
Estimated Adjusted EBITDA$47

Consistent with Murphy USA’s historical presentation of non-GAAP metrics, Adjusted EBITDA for QuickChek is provided as it is a key metric used in the Company’s operational and financial decision-making. The Company believes that some investors may find it a useful indicator of ongoing operating performance and ability to generate cash flows from operations. Non-GAAP measures are not a substitute for GAAP disclosures and Adjusted EBITDA may be prepared differently by us than by other companies using similarly titled non-GAAP metrics. The above amounts are estimated based on preliminary data for QuickChek’s fiscal year ended October 30, 2020 and are subject to change based on the finalization of the financial statements for such fiscal year.

UPDATE: Stolen Vehicle Pursuit On NJ Turnpike Between Exits 10 and 8A, Leads Host Of Charges Including: DUI, Aggravated Assault, Marijuana, Drug Paraphernalia And More

November 25, 2020

SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ (MIDDLESEX)–Sgt. Philip Curry of the New Jersey State Police Public Information Bureau told MidJersey.News that yesterday at approximately 9:51 p.m., NJ State Troopers attempted to stop a Chevrolet Tahoe, later discovered to be stolen from New York, for a traffic violation on the New Jersey Turnpike inside of Interchange 10, Edison Twp., Middlesex County. 

The driver refused to stop and fled onto the Turnpike southbound inner roadway at a high rate of speed.  The vehicle continued south before exiting the Turnpike at Interchange 8A and proceeded to intentionally strike a NJ State Police vehicle before becoming disabled on Cranbury South River Road in South Brunswick, N.J. 

Troopers removed the two occupants from the vehicle and placed them under arrest.  There were no serious injuries reported. 

The driver, Ryan Williams, 25, of Bronx, N.Y., was charged with receiving stolen property, eluding, possession of marijuana, possession with the intent to distribute marijuana, possession of a distributable amount of drug paraphernalia, money laundering, criminal mischief, resisting arrest, aggravated assault, and driving under the influence.  The passenger, Twinkle Murray, 29, of Bronx, N.Y., was charged with receiving stolen property.  Williams was lodged in the Middlesex County Jail pending a detention hearing, and Murray was released pending a court appearance, according to NJ State Police.

Last night’s MidJersey.News story here: Developing: Pursuit Off NJ Turnpike Ends Off Exit 8A

Illegal Clammers Busted In South Brunswick With 110 Pounds Of Thumbnail Clams

November 25, 2020

SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ (MIDDLESEX)–Conservation Police Officer Recruit Bickerton, CPO Garofalo and Lt. Mascio responded to the Millstone River in South Brunswick for a report of illegal clamming. After performing surveillance, the officers performed a field inspection and issued three individuals a total of nine summonses for illegal clamming in prohibited waters. Approximately 11,000 Asian Thumbnail clams weighing 110 pounds were confiscated. All the clamming equipment was also seized as evidence.

Developing: Pursuit Off NJ Turnpike Ends Off Exit 8A

Updated MidJersey.News story here: UPDATE: Stolen Vehicle Pursuit On NJ Turnpike Between Exits 10 and 8A, Leads Host Of Charges Including: DUI, Aggravated Assault, Marijuana, Drug Paraphernalia And More

November 24, 2020

SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ (MIDDLESEX)–A pursuit for an unknown reason started on the New Jersey Turnpike south bound prior to the 80 mile marker. The vehicle being pursued exited Exit 8A in Monroe Township, the pursuit ended in the driveway of 1100 Cranbury-South River Road in South Brunswick Township about a 1/2 Mile from Exit 8A. Sources say that two suspects were in custody. No further information is available tonight, this is a developing story so check back for further information once it is released. (according to mapping software 1100 Cranbury-South River Road is South Brunswick Township 300 feet from the Monroe Twp. border but street address is listed as Monroe Twp.)

2nd Alarm In South Brunswick’s Kendall Park Section

November 20, 2020 updated:

SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ (MIDDLESEX)–All 3 South Brunswick fire companies – Kendall Park, Kingston, and Monmouth Junction fire departments responded to a house fire on Richford Road today. At 2 pm today, South Brunswick Officer Greg Boldizar and Sergeant Anthony Pisano spotted smoke coming from a home on Richford Road. The officers immediately notified dispatch and went to the residence. The family had already evacuated the home. Firefighters arrived to find heavy fire on one side of the house which had spread along the wall into the attic and roof. Kendall Park Fire Chief Chris Perez said, “We used a transitional attack moving from the exterior to the interior to push back the flames. It was a total team effort to bring the fire under control in 15 minutes.” Two nearby homes were evacuated while firefighters battled the blaze.

In addition to the South Brunswick fire companies, the Franklin and North Brunswick fire companies were on the scene as well as South Brunswick EMS and North Brunswick First Aid Squad. There were no injuries.

The preliminary indication of the cause of the fire was a lawnmower caught fire on the outside of the home, which set the house on fire. A nearby propane grill also caught fire. The South Brunswick Fire Marshal is conducting the investigation and will make a final determination.

SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ (MIDDLESEX)–Around 2:00 pm this afternoon multiple fire departments were sent to the 1st Block of Richford Road in the Kendall Park section for a 2-Alarm fire. Heavy fire was on the right side of the building and was burning in the area of the garage. There were no reported injuries in the fire but the home suffered extensive damage. No further information is available at this time.

DEVELOPING: Serious Accident On Route 130 In Cranbury Leaves Several With Life Threating Injuries

MidJersey.News update here: UPDATE: Police Report 2 Dead 4 Others Injured In Route 130 Crash This Morning

November 11, 2020

CRANBURY TOWNSHIP, NJ (MIDDLESEX)–Around 6:00 am a serious accident occurred in the 2600 Block of Route 130 near South River Road (CR535) involving what appeared to be 3 vehicles. Cranbury Township Police, Cranbury Fire Department, Cranbury First Aid Squad were sent to the scene for serious injures and reported entrapment. Mutual aid from several surround towns were called to the scene for assistance. Initial reports were that several have sustained life threatening and serious injures. There is no word on current condition of those involved but a press release is expected later today.

The Cranbury Police Department and NJ DOT has the roadway closed North Bound at South River Road and is detoured in the area. The South Brunswick Police Department, NJ State Police and Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office is assisting in the crash investigation and the roadway is expected to be closed at least another few hours. There may be a temporary closure of the south bound lanes once measurements are needed so avoid the area if possible.

The Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office has responded to assist the Cranbury PD with the investigation and confirms that a press release will be issued sometime today.

Started11/11/2020 06:36:54 AM –NJ DOT – STMC: Crash investigation and Downed wires on US 130 northbound South of Half Acre Rd (Cranbury Twp) All lanes closed and detoured

South Brunswick Family In Need Of Help For Critically Injured Father In Robbinsville Crash

Yesterday’s Midjersey.News story about the crash here: BREAKING: Route 130 Closed By Voelbel For Accident Investigation, Driver Of Box Truck Rescued From Fire And Crash

October 30, 2020

SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ (MIDDLESEX)–A South Brunswick family is in need of funds and prayers for their father who was injured in a Robbinsville crash yesterday. Their father on his way home from work in his contractor style box truck was hit head on by a tractor trailer that crossed the median strip on Route 130. The vehicle caught fire during the crash and a valiant rescue effort from civilians, police and firefighters ensued, by using portable fire extinguishers until fire apparatus could arrive and fully extinguish the fire. Even after the fire was extinguished the man had to be extricated from the wreckage. Robbinsville Fire Department EMS and paramedics rushed the man to the Trauma Center at Capital Health Regional Medical Center in Trenton. The man was transferred and flown to the burn unit at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia where the family has reported on their fog fund me page that he is critical condition.

The family is seeking prayers and help from anyone can help with the Go FundMe see link below:

Go FundMe page here:

Hi everyone, my name is Fabiana Russo. I am a senior in highschool, some of you may know my father the contractor Francesco Russo. I am raising money for him and his truck that burned down into flames with him inside, on October 29th due to a head on three vehicle collision. My dad was in his truck on his way back home after finishing a job, and head on got hit by a trailer tractor. This occurred in Robbinsville on route130, his box truck went in flames and unfortunately so did my father. He is in critical condition and I don’t know how he is going to make it out. I’m praying and I’m asking for all of you who see this your prayers as well. This money will go towards any of the surgeries if not covered as well as his truck that he has nothing left of. Me and my family would be beyond grateful for your contributes and thank you for listening. If you cannot contribute, I would just ask you to pray for my strong Dad. Thank you all! If you’d like to know further details here you go.

Link down below.

South Brunswick Police Arrest 3 In Attempted Murder Case

October 21, 2020

SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ (MIDDLESEX)–Chief Raymond J. Hayducka of the South Brunswick Police Department announced today that three men have been charged in connection to the stabbing and attempted murder of two people. The case began when police received a 911 call at 7:35 pm on October 4th of two people stabbed in a motor vehicle at the corner of White Oak Court and Bard Drive North. Arriving officers discovered a grey Audi with heavy front end damage and two males age 18 and 20 outside of it suffering stab wounds to the chest and arms. Officers immediately began medical treatment. Both victims were taken by South Brunswick EMS and Monmouth Junction First Aid Squad to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. One victim suffered a collapsed lung.

 An investigation by Detective Rick Delucia determined that the two victims and the three suspects had a dispute originating in East Brunswick in mid-September. On October 4th the men met up in the Southridge Woods Apartment Complex in South Brunswick. The dispute escalated and the victims fled in their car. The victims became lost on Bard Drive as they fled trying to get back to East Brunswick. Moments later the suspects, in a black Acura, caught up to the victims, and the two vehicles collided. The suspects exited their vehicle, smashed the window on the Acura, and began to assault the victims. After assaulting the victim, the suspect fled the scene.

Detectives and crime scene technicians combed over the scene to piece together the incident. Police recovered latent prints, physical evidence, and a nearby Ring doorbell video that captured the assault. Several hours later Officer Andre Civil located the suspect’s Acura parked unoccupied approximately a half mile away. Detectives conducted several interviews which combined with the physical evidence led to the charges.

Charged in the case –

  • Anthony Blakey age 21 of Dayton. He is alleged to have stabbed the victims. He is facing charges of attempted murder, possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, and aggravated assault.
  • Ishmael Arrington age 19 of Monmouth Junction. He is alleged to have smashed the window and assaulted the victims. He is charged with aggravated assault and conspiracy to commit aggravated assault.
  • Jaylon Drake age 19 of Dayton. He is alleged to have driven the suspect vehicle and assaulted the victims. He is charged with assault and luring.

Chief Hayducka said, “Violent crime is uncommon in our community, but when it occurs we will use all the resources to track down those responsible.” He thanked the Middlesex County Prosecutors Office and New Jersey State Police for their assistance on the case. He also recognized the outstanding teamwork of Detective Rick Delucia, Sergeant Mike Pellino, Officer Brian Luck, Officer Andre Civil, and Officer Gagan Chopra for solving the case.

Chief Praises Officers’ Actions in Safely Arresting Hotel Gunman

October 19, 2020

SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ (MIDDLESEX)–The South Brunswick Police Department announced the successful resolution to a gunman at an area hotel on Friday. Chief Raymond Hayducka said, “So often you only hear of these cases when officers are forced into a deadly situation. Here officers were confronted by a gunman who threatened to harm others and was acting out. Officers used de-escalation techniques and time to safely take him into custody. This is a credit to the officers and their training.” 

The incident unfolded just after 2 pm at the Hotel Vicenza at 3793 Route 1. Officers arrived and learned that Louis Smith age 46, a guest at the hotel, had an argument with a staff member, and pulled out a handgun. Police set up a perimeter and attempted to make contact and de-escalate the situation. As police attempted to speak with Smith, he repeatedly paced back and forth between the front breezeway and rear balcony of his second-floor room. Smith kept yelling profanities at unoccupied cars in the parking lot. At one point, Smith began using his cellphone to videotape officers while blowing kisses. A team of officers, Sergeant Anthony Pisano, Detective Rick Delucia, PFC Mike Leung, Officer Ryan Bartunek, Officer Kent English, and Officer Jason Stonkus approached Smith on the second floor. Smith retreated and ran back into his room, locking the door. Officers negotiated for thirty minutes trying to get Smith to speak with them. Smith’s erratic behavior continued with him yelling about diabetes and who he was going to vote for. Officers then made attempts to contact family members and were able to speak to a sister. At 4:45 pm Smith who was profusely sweating opened the door briefly and Detective Delucia and Officer English grabbed him from the room and pulled him into the breezeway. Smith was placed under arrest and transported to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick for evaluation.

Detectives obtained a telephonic search warrant to search the room. A search of the room located a Taurus 9MM handgun, 2 fully loaded magazines, 27 ounces of marijuana, a pair of black gloves, a black ski mask, ziplock bags, and a scale. Smith has been charged with aggravated assault with a firearm, unlawful possession of a weapon, possession of a weapon by a convicted felon, terroristic threats, and distribution of CDS. 

On Friday, while Smith was awaiting evaluation in the emergency room of Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, two South Brunswick officers were guarding him. Smith began to act up, even while cuffed to his hospital bed. At one point, he threw urine at the hospital staff. The officers moved in and Smith spit in their faces. Smith has been charged with two additional counts of aggravated assault for spitting on the officers. Both officers required medical treatment. As of Monday afternoon, Smith remains in the emergency room at the hospital with two South Brunswick officers guarding him until he can be moved to a secure facility.

Chief Hayducka added, “Too many people don’t realize the risks and dangers officers are willing to take to keep their communities safe. This group of officers showed the best of who we are.”

2020 NJ Law Enforcement Torch Run

October 9, 2020

Many law enforcement agencies across the state participated in the 2020 NJ Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics this morning.

On Friday, October 9th, more than 3,000 officers will take to the streets of their local communities on one of 26 separate routes to help carry the “Flame of Hope” a distance of nearly 750 miles throughout the Garden state to raise funds and awareness for Special Olympics New Jersey.

In 1982, the late Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Police Officer Steven Vitale was asked to take photos at a local Special Olympics competition in New Jersey. He was so moved by the determination exhibited by the athletes that he asked other police officers to volunteer at the Summer Games. In 1984, the first New Jersey Torch Run was conceived to raise funds and public awareness for the Special Olympics New Jersey program. The course ran from Liberty State Park in Jersey City to Rutgers Stadium in New Brunswick, through eight towns, covering 43 miles and raising $7,000. In each succeeding year, the dollar amount became greater and the number of volunteers increased substantially.

Driven by the willingness of the New Jersey Law Enforcement officers to do more, the Law Enforcement Torch Run began to expand over the years. New fundraising events and initiatives were created and held throughout the Garden State to promote the Special Olympics movement. With over $4 million raised annually by more than 3,000 officers through local and statewide events, the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics New Jersey has been recognized in the world for many years as one of the top grassroots fundraising organizations for Special Olympics. Fundraising events that are conducted year-round in New Jersey include an Adopt-a-Cop campaign for the annual Torch Run, three Polar Bear Plunges, the Lincoln Tunnel Challenge 5K, the United Airlines Plane Pull and golf outings to name a few. In addition to fundraising, Law Enforcement officers volunteer at athlete competitions and events year-round, while serving as ambassadors in local communities.

Below are photos from Bordentown Township, (Burlington) and South Brunswick, (Middlesex)

MidJersey.News will post more as they are sent in:

Bordentown Township Police Department photos:

South Brunswick Photos:

Stabbing In South Brunswick

October 4, 2020 Updated on October 5th with South Brunswick Police information.

SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ (MIDDLESEX)–Sources told MidJersey.News that there was a double stabbing in the area of Arbor Court this evening around 7:45 pm. This is a developing story and will be updated when official information becomes available.

South Brunswick Police have reported that they are investigating a dispute that left 2 people injured. There is no danger to the community. Further updates will be released Monday.

October 5, 2020 South Brunswick Police Update Here:

At 7:41 pm Sunday night South Brunswick Police responded to the corner of Bard Drive and White Oak Court for a reported person stabbed. When officers arrived they found two people in a vehicle in the intersection who had been stabbed. Both were transported to an area hospital and are in stable condition. The stabbing occurred after some type of dispute. The investigation is ongoing. Police believe there to be no threat to the general public. Anyone with information about the incident should contact Sergeant Mike Pellino or Detective Rick DeLucia at (732) 329-4646.

14 Year Old Pedestrian Killed While Crossing And Climbing Over Center Divider On Route 1

October 1, 2020

SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ (MIDDLESEX)–Middlesex County Prosecutor Yolanda Ciccone and Chief Raymond J. Hayducka of the South Brunswick Police Department said today that a fourteen-year old juvenile pedestrian was killed last night, September 30, 2020 after being struck by a vehicle.

The initial investigation conducted by Traffic Safety Officer William Beard of the South Brunswick Police Department and Detective Mark Morris of the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office determined the collision occurred at approximately 9:25 p.m. as the juvenile was crossing Route 1 after having climbed over the center divider.  At the time of the collision, the vehicle – a Land Rover – was traveling northbound on Route 1 in the area of New Street.  The juvenile was pronounced dead at the scene. 

The motorist stopped, rendered aid to the juvenile, and remained on scene to cooperate with law enforcement.  The investigation is active and continuing.

Anyone with information is asked to call Traffic Safety Officer William Beard of the South Brunswick Police Department at (732)745-4000 ext. 7432 or Detective Mark Morris of the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office at (732) 745-3927.

South Brunswick Police Solve 2015 Cold Case

Excellent crime scene processing and modern-day forensics helped solve this case that led to the arrest

September 28, 2020

SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ (MIDDLESEX)–South Brunswick Police Chief Raymond J. Hayducka announced the arrest of Jeuri Vargas, 23 year-old male of New Brunswick, from an occupied burglary investigation that occurred in 2015. 
On December 5, 2015 at 9:05pm, Officers responded to a residence on Joann Court in Monmouth Junction for a reported occupied burglary.  The residents advised Officers at scene that they were upstairs in their bedrooms when they heard noises coming from outside of their rooms.  One of the residents walked out of their bedroom and observed two males standing on their upstairs landing.  The two male suspects immediately fled down the stairs and exited the residence through a rear sliding door.  An inventory of the home was conducted and it was discovered that a X Box game console, laptop computer and two bottles of wine were stolen from the residence. 
Officer Sean Roberts, a Department Evidence Technician, processed the scene and was able to recover evidence including latent fingerprints from the rear sliding door and an I Pod case.  The latent fingerprints were submitted off to the New Jersey State Police Lab for further examination. 
In December of 2019 a fingerprint from this investigation was matched to Jeuri Vargas.  The burglary case was then re-opened by Detective Bryan Sites.  Detective Sites continued the investigation and conducting additional interviews.  On September 23, 2020 Detective Sites located Vargas near his residence in New Brunswick and he was arrested in connection to this investigation.
Detective Sites charged Vargas with burglary, theft of movable property, and conspiracy to commit burglary.  Vargas was lodged at the Middlesex County Adult Correctional Center pending his first court appearance
Chief Raymond Hayducka said, “The excellent crime scene processing of Officer Roberts and continued efforts by Detective Sites played a crucial part in this investigation.  Good modern-day forensics helped solve this case and led to the arrest of Vargas.”   

Mourners Honor Life Of Daniel Anderl, Celebrate His ‘Gift Of Faith’

September 28, 2020

By the Diocese of Metuchen

KENDALL PARK – SOUTH BRUNWICK, NJ (MIDDLESEX)–Daniel Mark Anderl had just celebrated his 20th birthday.
A lifelong Catholic and the only child of U.S. District Judge Esther Salas and defense attorney Mark Anderl, Daniel Anderl gave his life to protect his mother and father, taking the shooter’s first bullet directly to the chest, when a man holding a package on their front door step opened fire into the family’s home on July 19.
“All of us here remember when we heard of the horrific news of Danny’s death and how he died,” said Father Robert G. Lynam, pastor of St. Augustine of Canterbury Parish, Kendall Park, where the family are parishioners. “Jesus said ‘there is no greater love, than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends’ (Jn. 15:13) – Danny did that. There is no question in my mind, from Mark’s testimony to me, that Daniel offered his life for his father and his mother.”
Speaking during his homily to those gathered in the church and those watching the private livestream of the Sept. 26 funeral Mass from a nearby tent, set up in order to respect social distancing measures and situated just steps away from the parochial Catholic school where Daniel Anderl spent eight years of his childhood, the pastor said that “faith is a gift.”
Since the day of their son’s death, “it has been the gift of faith that has sustained Esther and Mark. It has been the shining example of Daniel’s faith and selfless love that has sustained all of us,” he said.
As he arrived at the hospital that day, as Mark was in the operating room, the pastor said that he saw Daniel’s mother become “Mary at the foot of the cross.”
“In the blessing of Daniel’s body that night, in that room, it was Jesus being taken down from the cross,” he said. “On that night, I shared with Esther, ‘there is a woman here with us. Her name is Mary, the mother of Jesus. She knows your pain. She knows your sorrow,’” he said.
Reassuring the mourners present, Father Lynam said, “Mary is here with us. She knows faith; she knows sorrow; she knows pain, but she always knows Easter joy. Allow Mary to embrace you, as a mother, with a gift of love and the gift of her faith.”
The day after his death, Daniel Anderl’s school friends, together with Father Lynam, gathered to pray in the church, in the place where he was baptized into the Catholic faith as an infant and would later go on to celebrate his other sacraments. 
Together, they shared stories about the life and friendships they had with Daniel Anderl and lit a candle in his memory, which burned on the altar for weeks until a funeral Mass could take place.
Looking toward the back of the church and then glancing again at the candle, Father Lynam said he would often see the candle’s reflection in the glass at the back of the church as he celebrated Mass and remember, “that is the light of Danny that is burning brightly now in heaven – there’s no question about that.”
As Daniel Anderl’s friends were praying in the church that day, the day after his death, his parents were in the hospital and “Esther received communion along with her family who were in her room,” said Father Lynam.
“Mark, who was in intensive care, was able to receive a small piece of the host and then he shared those powerful words to me: ‘I have forgiven the shooter,’” he said, echoing the wounded father’s words to those present.
In the past weeks, St. Peter was in the Gospels. The pastor shared how Jesus asked Peter the same question three times: do you love me? The question came as a gift of absolution for Peter, after he had already denied Jesus three times.
“Esther shared, when we had a moment at one of the Masses to quietly, privately bring an intention for the Mass, that as Jesus forgave Peter three times, she said to me, ‘I have forgiven the shooter three times and many more times since then,” he said. “Mark and Esther, there by the grace of God, you were and are able to say those powerful words.”
With a distant gaze of past reflection, Father Lynam fondly remembered his interactions with the family at parish Masses.
“Esther is a great listener when I preach. She is there with me, as is Mark, and Daniel would be walking around doing ushering and greeting people. Constantly walking, walking, walking,” he said, gesturing around the church and drawing laughter from the mourners.
The weekly Masses since with his family and friends “have truly been the Road to Emmaus,” he said, referencing the passage in the Gospel of Luke in which Jesus walks with two disciples, mourning the loss of Jesus, as they journey down the road to Emmaus.
“They were filled with sorrow, doubt, and questions. They were depressed. Has that not been our experience over the past weeks and even now as we gather today in prayer?” said Father Lynam. “He comes to them in their time of need. He comes to us now in our time of need.”
The funeral Mass for Daniel Anderl came just days after the New Jersey State Assembly unanimously passed A.B. 1649 on Thursday, legislation known as “Daniel’s Law,” that would bar the online posting of judges’ and prosecutors’ home addresses or phone numbers. 
The church and outdoor tent were filled with family and friends, dignitaries and Church leaders, among them Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York; Bishop James F. Checchio of Metuchen, who celebrated the Mass; New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez; New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal; and President John Garvey of Catholic University of America, along with countless others.
Addressing Daniel Anderl’s parents, Cardinal Dolan said, “how often have we heard you say, since that Good Friday through which you traveled, that ‘we couldn’t have done it without our faith. Our faith is what has seen us through.’”
“We know one of the essentials of that faith is that God brings good out of evil and this is an unmitigated evil, but the Lord can bring good from evil,” said Cardinal Dolan. “Esther and Mark, the whole world bowed its head in prayer when they heard the sad news about Danny and the whole country has been inspired by his selfless act of sacrifice as he reminded them of Jesus on the cross. So, you see, God has already brought some good out of this.”
Daniel Anderl was remembered for having “lived his Catholic faith,” his life a witness of selfless love and steadfast faith. He was known to spend time in prayer in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, receive the gift of God’s forgiveness in the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation, and attend daily Mass at The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., where he would have been a junior this year.
It is his “great gift of faith” that leaves his loved ones behind both heartbroken and inspired, said Bishop Checchio.
“Esther and Mark, you raised such a lovely young man and the whole world can see what was in his heart by his actions,” said the bishop of the Diocese of Metuchen. “We’re so indebted to you and the good work you did, the love you brought him up with in your home, and the good work and cooperation of this parish, St. Augustine of Canterbury School, Saint Joseph High School and Catholic University of America.”
After sharing his own words of sorrow, Bishop Checchio read a letter sent to him by Archbishop Christophe Pierre, the Apostolic Nuncio, or liaison between the Holy Father and the United States, on behalf of Pope Francis.
In the letter, Archbishop Pierre said he wished to express the spiritual closeness and paternal affection of the Holy Father and “convey his profound solidarity and assurances of prayer to Daniel’s parents and all those affected by this tragedy.”
“Conscious of the wound inflicted on your entire community, His Holiness also prays that all will be affirmed in their resolve to bring an end to senseless violence and to work for justice, healing and peace,” the letter read. “Upon Daniel’s family, his friends and all who mourn him, the Holy Father cordially imparts his Apostolic Blessing as a pledge of consolation and strength in the Risen Lord.”
Also adding his own sentiments in the letter, Archbishop Pierre said he joined those in mourning “in giving thanks to Almighty God for young Daniel’s outstanding witness of faith and exemplary Christian life. Commending his soul to the infinite mercy of God, I also renew my fervent prayer that the faithful may be confirmed in charity, consoling one another with the hope in the Lord’s promise of the Resurrection.”
Once finished reading the letter, Bishop Checchio addressed those present, often seen comforting one another and wiping away their tears, one last time by saying, “Indeed, Esther, Mark and dear friends, it is only being gathered here around the altar of the Lord, being near the Lord and near our Mother, who experienced such violence in their own lives too, that we can work for that same healing, peace and justice of which the Holy Father wrote.”

Arrests Made In High School Damage, Stolen Lawn Items In South Brunswick

See related MidJersey.News stories here: Police Look For Help In Finding Truck That Damaged SBHS

South Brunswick Police Seek Investigating Odd Crime Of Stealing Flowers From Front Lawns

September 24, 2020

SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ (MIDDLESEX)–Chief Raymond J. Hayducka of the South Brunswick Police Department announced today that arrests had been made in two recent cases of criminal mischief and thefts around the Township. “The damage to the high school may be over $10,000 and the thefts of items right off homeowners’ front lawns left many feeling uneasy. These cases impacted our community and with help from the community and good police work, arrests were made,” said Chief Hayducka. 

  • Police Arrest Driver in Damage to South Brunswick High School

            On Wednesday, September 23rd, South Brunswick Police sought the assistance of the public and our surrounding law enforcement agencies in identifying the individual who drove his truck on the sports fields at South Brunswick High School, causing thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. Several residents along with surrounding law enforcement agencies provided tips on the identity of the suspect responsible for the damage. On Thursday, September 24th, in collaboration with surrounding police agencies, a lead was developed. A suspect was identified and the pickup truck was located at a North Brunswick location. Detectives took David E. French age 20 of North Brunswick into custody. 

The investigation determined that French had no connection to the high school and was going off roading with his truck when he drove across the fields. French was charged with Criminal Mischief, a 3rd degree crime due to the amount of damage done to the fields. He was processed and released on a summons with a court date scheduled.

  • Overnight Landscaping Thieves Apprehended

            South Brunswick Police announced that they have brought to an end the overnight landscaping thefts that had targeted the Kendall Park neighborhoods for the past three weeks.  At least eight township residents called police to report that during evening or overnight hours, thieves entered their yards and stole solar landscaping lights, potted flowers, a bird feeder, and lawn decorations.

            As these incidents unfolded, several victims took to social media to warn others about the thieves, which, in turn, prompted additional victims to come forward. As police began to investigate these thefts, video of the actors was obtained from multiple sources, including numerous video doorbells. A description of the actors, a white male and a white female driving a white Ford Explorer Sport Track Pickup, was developed, and suspects identified.

            South Brunswick Detective Brady Shelcusky realized the vehicle described one he had seen on a previous case. He went to the suspect’s address in Franklin Township and observed several items that had been stolen from South Brunswick lawns adorning the suspect’s front lawn. Detective Shelcusky linked the homes occupants -Danielle Viszneki,  age 35 years and her fiancé James Baker age 51, to all of the thefts. The investigation uncovered that the two would drive around different neighborhoods and steal lighting, flowers, and other landscaping to spruce up their own front lawns. Detective Shelcusky collected all the stolen items and returned them to different homeowners.

Both actors were charged with Theft of Movable Property, a 4th degree offense. They were processed and released on summonses.

Police Look For Help In Finding Truck That Damaged SBHS

Update related story here: Arrests Made In High School Damage, Stolen Lawn Items In South Brunswick

September 23, 2020

SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ (MIDDLESEX)–Chief Raymond J. Hayducka of the South Brunswick Police Department announced Wednesday afternoon the department was looking for the public’s assistance with identifying the people who damaged South Brunswick High School early Tuesday morning. At 12:02 am drove onto the school grounds and rode all over the baseball, softball, and soccer field causing damage. Police released images of the truck today looking for the public’s help in identifying the driver.  “The fields that were damaged just had several thousand dollars’ worth of upgrades. Our high school baseball team never got to use the new fields because of Covid and now this. We are following several leads, but are asking anyone with information to come forward, “said Chief Hayducka.  

In addition to tips on the owner of the vehicle, police are looking for anyone in and around the high school who may have video surveillance between 11:55 pm on Monday and 12:10 am on Tuesday.

TRUCK DESCRIPTION: Black or Blue Pickup with an extended bed with a possible lift kit.

Two images of the truck on school property are being released. One image shows the coming off Stouts Lane and driving at the rear of the property near the tennis courts. The second image is the truck  further past the tennis courts at the back of the annex gym.

Anyone with information is asked to contact South Brunswick Police School Resource Detective Robert Marrese at (732) 329-4646 or (732) 329-4000 ext. 7496.

Tip information may be provided anonymously by calling Crime Stoppers of Middlesex County at 1-800-939-9600 or submitted online at  Tips may also be sent by text messaging 274637 (CRIMES) with the keyword: “midtip” followed by the tip information.

Police Execute Search Warrant, Arrest Suspect on Drug Charges

Months Long Investigation Leads to Drug and Child Endangerment Charges

September 18, 2020

SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ (MIDDLESEX)–Chief Raymond J. Hayducka of the South Brunswick Police Department announced today that a three month long joint investigation into drug distribution in the Kendall Park section of the Township has led to charges against a 36 year old South Brunswick man. The joint investigation between the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and South Brunswick Police Department was the result of complaints from community members about unusual activity on New Road and complaints of hypodermic needles being discarded on the side of the road. In response to the complaints detectives began monitoring the area of Benson Road and determined the activity centered on a home at 12 Benson Road. Investigators developed probable cause that methamphetamine and heroin were being dealt from the residence. Detectives obtained a search warrant from a Superior Court judge with the assistance of the Middlesex County Prosecutors Office.
Early Thursday morning, detectives executed a knock-first search warrant at 12 Benson Road. After being granted entry into the residence, the team located Michael Mcgarty hiding behind a dryer in the residence. Mcgarty was taken into custody for a probation violation warrant for previously spitting on officers. During the search, detectives recovered narcotics, drug paraphernalia, and weapons. Mcgarty was charged with unlawful of a possession of a weapon, possession of a prohibited weapon, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia, two counts of unlawful possession of various narcotics, and endangering the welfare of a child. Mcgarty was lodged at the Middlesex County Correction Center pending his bail hearing.
Chief Hayducka credited the community and the other law enforcement agencies for their assistance. “Clearly the neighborhood was suffering from the impact of the drug activity. It was brought to an end by the community members who came forward along with the assistance of the DEA and Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office. I want to also recognize the work of Detective Tim Hoover who pursued all the investigative leads to bring this operation to an end,” said Chief Hayducka.

South Brunswick Police Investigating Odd Crime Of Stealing Flowers From Front Lawns

Update related story here: Arrests Made In High School Damage, Stolen Lawn Items In South Brunswick

September 17, 2020

SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ (MIDDLESEX)–The South Brunswick Police Department is investigating cases of stolen flowers from front lawns within the township. A Ring camera video was provided and if your recognize the person in the video contact South Brunswick Police Department.

Crash Leads to Arrest on Drug Distribution and Driving Under the Influence Charges For Ewing Man

September 14, 2020

SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ (MIDDLESEX)–A man was arrested shortly after 9 am Sunday morning for possession of marijuana and a large amount of Xanax following a single car crash attributed to the man driving while under the influence.

At 9:01am, Sunday, September 13th, police dispatchers received a call about a single car crash on Route 1 southbound at Sandhill Road.

Upon arrival, Officer Gerald Sarno found that a 1999 Lexus had crashed head-on into the concrete divider at the intersection. Officer Sarno also observed the driver, identified as Daniel Saladyga, 24 years old, of Ewing, NJ, sitting on the grassy shoulder of the roadway, uninjured.

On speaking with Mr. Saladyga about the crash, Officer Sarno noted that Saladyga’s eyes were glassy with pinpoint pupils, his diction slow, and his hands fumbling. Suspecting that Saladyga was under the influence, Officer Sarno gave Saladyga several field-side sobriety tests, which Saladyga failed. Saladyga was placed under arrest for DUI, and was searched incident to arrest, at which time he was found to possess a small amount of marijuana, as well as 112 bars of Xanax.

Mr. Saladyga was transported to Police Headquarters, where Detective Tim Hoover, a certified Drug Recognition Expert, performed a series of tests on Saladyga, ultimately determining that Saladyga was under the influence of a central nervous system depressant, in keeping with Saladyga’s statement that he had ingested Xanax earlier that morning.

Saladyga was charged with Possession of CDS with Intent to Distribute, Possession of Under 50g Marijuana, Unlawful Possession of Xanax, Driving Under the Influence, Reckless Driving, and other motor vehicle offenses. Saladyga was lodged in the Middlesex County Adult Correctional Center pending his bail hearing.

Chief Raymond J. Hayducka said, “Impaired driving can happen at any time of the day. This driver was on Route 1, impaired, and struck the concrete median at 9 am Sunday morning. Officer Sarno’s detailed investigation discovered the drugs and took this driver off the road. With thousands of cars and trucks using Route 1 daily, we are just lucky this crash wasn’t much worse.”

Governor Murphy Signs Legislation Extending MVC Deadlines and Streamlining Processes During Pandemic

September 10, 2020

TRENTON, NJ (MERCER)–Governor Murphy today signed legislation (A4486) which authorizes the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) to use stored driver’s license or identification card photos for longer than eight years and limits certain appointment times at MVC locations to senior citizens and persons with certain medical conditions during COVID-19 pandemic.  The Governor also signed A4520, which temporarily extends deadlines to register vehicles and obtain driver’s licenses for new State residents during the COVID-19 public health emergency.

“The temporary, but necessary closure of our MVC facilities earlier this year has resulted in an undeniable burden on many residents,” said Governor Murphy. “Under the leadership of Chief Administrator Sue Fulton, the MVC has made great progress in providing residents with the services that they need, under unprecedented circumstances. This legislation will reduce wait times and allow our vulnerable populations to have the access they need to obtain critical services.”

“Over the past year we’ve more than doubled our online transactions; A4486 will allow even more New Jerseyans to ‘Skip the Trip’ to Motor Vehicle Centers,” said MVC Chief Administrator Sue Fulton. We continue to work collaboratively with our legislative partners and the Governor’s office to overcome the obstacles posed by COVID-19, reduce wait times, and keep New Jerseyans on the road.” 

Primary Sponsors of A4486 include Assemblymembers Daniel R. Benson, Valerie Vainieri Huttle, and Aura K. Dunn, and Senators Patrick J. Diegnan Jr., and Nicholas P. Scutari.

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, businesses across the nation have designated seniors-only hours for elderly residents. I am pleased the MVC will now do the same,” said Assemblyman Benson. “With designated appointment times, seniors will be able to access MVC services while largely avoiding crowds. Additionally, extending the time the MVC can use stored photos to update driver’s licenses will limit the number of times seniors need to visit the MVC amid this public health crisis.”

“Seniors are at a higher risk of experiencing complications from COVID-19. As a result, many are exercising an abundance of caution when it comes to going out in public,” said Assemblywoman Vainieri Huttle. “Allowing seniors to use stored photos to update their licenses will reduce the amount of trips they need to make to the MVC, and designating specific ‘senior hours’ at agencies will limit their exposure to the public during the pandemic.”

“As we work through these unprecedented times it is important that we mitigate the need to be physically present at MVC locations,” said Senator Diegnan. “These laws will help MVC locations function more efficiently, reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19, and accommodate our seniors and immunocompromised so they are not forced to risk their health over a visit to the MVC.”

“As we continue to work through this public health crisis, it is imperative we take an agency-wide look at the MVC’s operations to ensure all possible steps are being taken to protect the public, especially our most vulnerable residents,” said Senator Scutari. “It is vital that we provide relief by loosening regulations in order to achieve maximum efficiency during these tough times, extending deadlines is a simple way to aid our residents and cut down lines.”

A4486 extends the validity of all driver’s license and identification card photographs from a maximum of eight years to a maximum of 12 years. The bill further allows residents 65 years of age or older to be eligible to use a stored photograph for each standard driver’s license or standard identification card renewal. The legislation also requires the chief administrator, during the COVID-19 public health emergency, to reserve one day per week or a certain time each day or each week, to be determined by the chief administrator, at certain commission agency locations to offer appointments exclusively to the following individuals to register a newly purchased, newly acquired, or transferred motor vehicle: (1) senior citizens, and (2) customers who, due to a medical condition diagnosed by a licensed medical doctor or osteopathic physician and evidenced by proof, in a form prescribed by the chief administrator, cannot wear masks or face coverings.

Primary sponsors of A4520 include Assemblymembers Daniel R. Benson, Anthony S. Verelli, and Ralph R. Caputo, and Senators Patrick J. Diegnan Jr., and Shirley K. Turner.

“While the pandemic put many things on hold, we still need the ability to get new driver’s licenses or register vehicles during this crisis,” said Assemblyman Benson. “We have to do whatever it takes to fix the MVC, so you don’t have to camp out overnight or wait all day at an agency just to get these simple tasks done. This law will give many drivers relief, while helping the MVC eliminate its backlog.”

“New residents who’ve just moved to New Jersey cannot update their documentation online,” said Assemblyman Verrelli. “With only two months to register vehicles and get new licenses, new residents are rushing to MVC agencies to get their new information squared away. By doubling the amount of time they’ll have to visit the MVC, we’ll make the process easier on the agency and residents alike during these difficult times.”

“The MVC won’t be able to clear its backlog overnight,” said Assemblyman Caputo. “One way we can help alleviate this burden is by staggering when new residents need to visit the MVC. This law will grant this flexibility to new residents, which in turn will give the MVC some much-needed relief.”

“It has been two months since the MVC offices reopened and they are still struggling to overcome the backlog that accumulated during their closure,” said Senator Turner. “This extension will provide greater leeway for new residents of the state, allowing them to avoid the long lines and postpone registering their vehicle and obtaining a New Jersey license.”

A4520 provides that a person who is allowed to operate a motor vehicle as a non-resident has 120 days (up from 60 days) to obtain a New Jersey driver’s license and to register a motor vehicle upon becoming a resident of the State, if that person becomes a resident during the Coronavirus 2019 public health emergency, which is defined as the period of time during which Executive Order No. 103 of 2020, and any subsequent executive order extending the public health emergency, is in effect. 

The legislation will take effect immediately.

Monmouth Mobile Home Park Creating Community Garden, Delivering Free Food to Residents During COVID-19

September 4, 2020

SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ (MIDDLESEX)–The Monmouth Mobile Home Park has created a garden to help provide nutritious food to help families who are struggling during COVID-19. 

According to a recent Monmouth University Poll, “the coronavirus outbreak has made a major impact on the lives of 7 in 10 New Jersians.” As New Jersey residents grapple with the economic fallout from the coronavirus due to layoffs and furloughs, many families are unable to access safe, nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables. 

“The staff at Monmouth Mobile Home Park will be harvesting fresh vegetables and delivering ‘farm baskets’ to residents free of charge,” said Dan Mandell, manager of Monmouth Mobile Home Park. “Our focus is on feeding families and encouraging healthy eating during these uncertain times.” 

Monmouth Mobile Home Park started the community garden program last year and it was a huge success.  “We want to do everything we can to give back to the community and we really thought that providing nutritious food was a great way to do this,” Mandell said.  In light of what was going on in N.J. and the country, the program was expanded this year to try to feed as many people as possible.  The Park has also worked in conjunction with the South Brunswick Food Pantry and also Patel Brothers Market to get food to anyone who might need it.

It can be difficult for families to cope with the stress of being quarantined, out of a job, while taking care of their loved ones. This drastic change in our daily routines often increases anxiety and disrupts health eating habits. It’s easier to reach for a favorite salty snack or raid the cookie jar because of boredom or feeling on edge, however processed foods lack much nutritional value and can leave us feeling worse. 

According to a recent article published by the Harvard Medical School, “certain nutrients in foods have been shown to reduce anxiety or spur the release of neurotransmitters such as serotonin or dopamine” which increases our moods. When people are stressed out it actually worsens feelings of depression or anxiety and it suppresses our immune system. Therefore, eating more vegetables may have a dual effect – it will increase our mood and boost our immunity. 

Monmouth Mobile Home Park prides itself on its strong feelings of community spirit and its engaging staff are immersed in community events and are active members of township activities. The MMHP enjoys a convenient location located near the flourishing commercial district, which offers both entertainment and job opportunities. 

Browns Mills, NJ Man Identified As Driver Killed In Serious Truck Crash Monday Night In South Brunswick

September 2, 2020

SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ (MIDDLESEX)–The South Brunswick Police Department identified the driver of Monday night’s fatal crash on Corn Road as Edward Snider age 62 of Browns Mills, NJ. The South Brunswick Police Department is still investigating the crash.

See previous MidJersey.News story here: Crash Claims Truck Driver In South Brunswick

On Monday night at 9:17 pm the South Brunswick Police Department received a 911 call reporting the accident on Corn Road. When officers arrived on the lightly traveled industrial road they found a tractor trailer cab entangled with a flatbed tractor. The Monmouth Junction Fire Department responded and began extrication efforts. The truck driver was heavily entrapped and required extensive efforts. A dozen firefighters used cutting tools and other extrication equipment in efforts to free the driver.

NJ’s Two Largest Wine & Spirits Wholesalers and 20 of Their Biggest Retail Customers to Pay a Total of $10.3 Million for Engaging in Discriminatory Trade Practices

Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control Imposes Record-High $4 Million Penalties on Wholesalers Allied Beverage Group & Fedway Associates Following Two-Year Investigation into Their Misuse of Rebate Programs.

September 1, 2020

TRENTON, NJ (MERCER)–Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal and the Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control (“ABC”) today announced that New Jersey’s two largest wine and spirits wholesalers will pay $4 million each to resolve findings that they engaged in discriminatory trade practices that unfairly favored their largest retail customers. In addition, twenty retailers statewide will pay a total of $2.3 million for their part in the unlawful scheme.

In separate Consent Orders with ABC, wholesalers Allied Beverage Group and Fedway Associates agreed to pay record-high monetary penalties and change their business practices to resolve trade violations uncovered during a sweeping two-year investigation by ABC’s Enforcement and Investigations Bureaus.

The investigation found that the wholesalers – which together account for approximately 70% of all wine and 80% of all spirits sold at wholesale in the State – unfairly favored 20 of the State’s largest wine and spirits retailers and put smaller retailers at a competitive disadvantage by manipulating the retailer incentive program (RIP), granting credit extensions and interest-free loans, and engaging in other discriminatory practices.

 “Simply put, Allied Beverage Group and Fedway Associates rigged the market in favor of a handpicked group of powerful retailers, leaving smaller businesses struggling to compete.  The unprecedented monetary penalties imposed reflect the egregiousness of this conduct and the widespread negative impact it had on New Jersey consumers and retailers,” said Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal. “This settlement sends a clear message that we will not tolerate this manipulative and anticompetitive behavior.” 

The RIPs provide cash rebates payed to retailers by wholesalers for purchasing certain quantities of alcoholic beverages.  ABC regulations control the program by making RIPs available to all retailers on a non-discriminatory basis, by keeping the RIP payments to retailers relatively small, and by not allowing wholesalers to substitute RIPs for interest-free loans.

The investigation found that Allied Beverage Group and Fedway Associates were giving chosen retailers a financial advantage by issuing rebates more often and in greater amounts than allowed. They also failed to wait the required 30 days before issuing rebates, thus allowing those retailers to use that money to pay for the orders for which the rebates  were issued, which is against ABC regulations. Retailers who do not pay for orders within 30 days are put on an industry-wide cash-only delivery status, so the early rebates ensured that the larger retailers would have a ready cash flow to pay for their orders on time, giving them an unfair edge over smaller retailers who had to use their own money to pay for their wine and spirits orders within the required 30-day window. The investigation also found that Allied Beverage Group and Fedway Associates falsified records related to RIPs and/or used undocumented gift cards to make cash payments to chosen retailers that were not accounted for.

“Retail incentives are a legitimate marketing tool as long they are above board and available equally to all retailers. Discriminatory practices like these foster instability in the market by harming smaller retailers,” said James Graziano, Acting Director of the Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control. “If left unchecked, the ability of small retailers to remain in business may have been jeopardized and consumers would have less access to retail stores and the specialized product selections that they offer. We will continue to monitor industry practices to ensure an equal playing field in New Jersey’s alcoholic beverage retail industry and hold violators accountable for noncompliance.”   

The monetary payments from Allied and Fedway are the largest in ABC’s history, and in addition, both entities each agreed to adopt a corrective action plan; employ a compliance monitor for two years; make upgrades to their computer systems; and facilitate the retirement, resignation and/or termination of certain employees.

The following retailers were charged with ABC violations that included accepting the delivery of alcoholic beverages from Allied and/or Fenway upon terms that violated ABC regulations; accepting a loan from a wholesaler to pay a wholesaler and/or avoid being placed on cash-on-delivery status; receiving a RIP before paying the invoice, receiving a RIP in excess of allowed maximum on a product. Each retailer entered a Consent Order with ABC to resolve the charges, with the following settlement terms:  

  •        Leiham Corp., t/a Bayway World of Liquors: $375,000 monetary offer in compromise in lieu of suspension plus phased-in               retirement of manager and other corrective action. (ELIZABETH)
  •        SVGS Inc., t/a Vingo Wine and Spirits: $90,000 (including $62,500 unaccounted for cash seized from the store) monetary offer in compromise in lieu of suspension plus corrective action. (EATONTOWN)

Crash Claims Truck Driver In South Brunswick

September 1, 2020, updated with official information at 7:45 am

Also see updated story here: Browns Mills, NJ Man Identified As Driver Killed In Serious Truck Crash Monday Night In South Brunswick

Updated September 2, 2020 with additional information.

The truck driver who passed away in the Monday night crash on Corn Road has been identified as Edward Snider age 62 of Browns Mills, NJ. South Brunswick Police Traffic Safety Bureau continues to investigate the cause of the crash.

SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ (MIDDLESEX)–Last night at 9:17 pm South Brunswick Police recieved a 911 call of a tractor trailer crash on Corn Road. When officers arrived on the lightly traveled industrial road they found a tractor trailer cab entangled with a flatbed tractor. The Monmouth Junction Fire Department responded and began extrication efforts. The truck driver was heavily entrapped and required extensive efforts. A dozen firefighters used cutting tools and other extrication equipment in efforts to free the driver.

Firefighters called a heavy duty tow truck from Georges Garage to help separate the cab roof. Monmouth Junction First Aid Squad, paramedics and a emergency room doctor from Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, along with a medical helicopter from Hackensack University Hospital worked on scene attempting to provide life saving measures.

The truck driver, from Burlington County, succumbed to his injuries on scene. Police are withholding his name pending notification of next of kin.

The Jamesburg Fire Department assisted in the extrication.

The crash remains under investigation by South Brunswick Traffic Safety Bureau Officer Jesse Blake. Anyone with information may call (732) 329-4000 ext. 7474.