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In 1987 I became “published” photographer with my first photograph appearing in the Messenger Press of Allentown, NJ. The editors at the time like my work and continued sending me on assignments. Over the years I continued as a freelance photographer working for several newspapers and magazines with thousands of published photographs. During the recession of 2008 the news business changed, several newspapers closed and stopped publishing including the Messenger Press. The market for freelance photography dwindled.

Around the same time I opened Dennis Symons, Jr. Photography and joined the Professional Photographers of America and the Professional Photographers of New Jersey. I continued in the photography profession as a portrait, wedding, sport, landscape and commercial photographer. Some of my artwork has been in galleries and shows and have won several awards for photography. Supporting local businesses my artwork can be found in Allentown, NJ at Dragonfly Design Studio on Church Street and a large canvas is hanging in The Moth Coffeehouse in the Old Mill on Main Street. In January I will receive my Master Photographer Degree in Nashville Tennessee. (More to follow on that soon)

Recently more and more papers seem to be cutting back on local news that I was used to. Papers seem to be paper thin with almost no local news coverage except for politics. Becoming frustrated with some of the content that is out there I decided to start my own news service and called it Mid Jersey News.

I have decided to keep this site non-political and cover some good news and events in our local towns. Each story has a comment button and they are moderated, if someone posts something offensive it won’t be deleted.

Being a one person operation publisher, editor, writer and photographer I can’t be everywhere. If you have an event or story you would like published please contact me. If you have something written and a few photographs please send it in for review for publication. See link below for the contact form.

Personally, I have over 32 years in the fire service in fire suppression and prevention. I support firefighter fitness and wellness and groups such as 555-Fitness for firefighters and emergency responders that support daily workouts and healthy lifestyles. As a EMT and Ski Patrol I worked at Camelback Ski Area for several years and an avid snowboarder.


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If you find something on this site that is “offensive” or a photograph you don’t want me to post hit the “Get in touch!” button below and I’ll review it and possibly remove it. I will filter comments the best I can but sometimes something could slip though that I may not understand so please let me know. I will not offer free advertising to your business or political campaign, but will sell you an advertisement that supports the website and will be noted as such. There is a “Business Spotlight” section and selected businesses will be posted there such as shovel in the ground, ribbon cuttings, grand openings, etc., those are news articles and not advertisements. As of this time I decided not to make this site political but, if you have something going on that is a news worthy story or photo please send it in or contact me and maybe I will cover your event as a news article.

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