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BREAKING: Tonight’s Fatal Stabbing Makes 38th Murder Of 2020, Passing 2013 Record Of 37

Team Coverage by: Dennis Symons and Brian McCarthy, check back for updated information shortly

November 28, 2020

TRENTON, NJ (MERCER)–Around 9:50 pm a person was stabbed in the 300 Block of Brunswick Avenue near Southard Street. Trenton Police, Trenton Fire Department, Trenton EMS and Capital Health Paramedics responded to the scene for a male stabbed in the chest. Upon arrival a “Trauma Code” was called, the man was quickly placed in the TEMS Ambulance and raced to the Trauma Center at Capital Health Regional Medical Center. Sources tell MidJersey.News the man was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.

At the scene Trenton Police marked off an area with crime scene tape and were waiting for the Mercer County Homicide Task Force to arrive to begin the investigation.

This is a Breaking News Report from on scene reporting, witnesses, sources and radio traffic. An email requesting press information has been sent into the public information officer at 9:56 pm, but as of the time of this report a reply has not been received. Once official information is received the story will be updated and corrections if needed will be made at that time.

Photos and video below by: Brian McCarthy OnScene News

The names of the Trenton dead of 2020:

Say their names:

  1. January 30, 2020, Starquasia Harris, 24, shooting
  2. February 16, 2020, Maurice London, 39, shooting
  3. March 23, 2020, Danavan Phillips, 37, shooting
  4. March 25, 2020, Yuell Moore, 29, shooting
  5. April 5, 2020 Quamiera Massey, 24, shooting
  6. April 5, 2020 Dabree Brannon, 30, shooting
  7. April 5, 2020 Frederick Mason, 20, shooting
  8. May 14, 2020, pronounced dead May 21, 2020 Terrence Horton, 53, shooting
  9. May 17, 2020, Robert Smith, 38, shooting
  10. May 18, 2020 Antwuan Bowens, 44, shooting
  11. May 18, 2020 Tayvion Jones, 18, shooting
  12. May 21, 2020 Raheen McKinnon 19, shooting
  13. May 23, 2020, Watson Cogdell, 58, shooting
  14.  May 30, 2020 Tyrone Campbell, 45, shooting
  15. June 2, 2020 Dontae Barnes, shooting
  16. June 21, 2020, Robert Neal, 34, stabbing
  17. July 1, 2020, Covvie Scott, 24, shooting
  18. July 8, 2020, Richard Guarderas, 18, shooting
  19. July 8, 2020, Malcom L. Bowser, 19, shooting 
  20. July 15, 2020, Jason Phillips, 23, shooting
  21. July 17, 2020, Luis Gonzalez, 37, shooting
  22. August 2, 2020 died August 5, 2020, Jolisa Marshall, 28, shooting (of Hamilton)
  23. August 9, 2020, William Irrizarry, 18, shooting
  24. August 9, 2020, Julius Vargas, 18, shooting
  25. August 17, 2020, Rahkeem Ortiz, 29, shooting
  26. August 21, 2020, pronounced dead August 22, Vernetta McCray, 39, drive by shooting
  27. August 25, 2020, Shamira Williams, 32, stabbing
  28. August 29, 2020, Tybree Washington, 24, shooting
  29. October 2, 2020, Hussain Abdullah, 35, shooting
  30. October 5, 2020, Derek Colley, 26, Shooting
  31. October 10, 2020, Ola Williams, 61, Shooting
  32. October 10, 2020, Jaquise Melvin, 26, Shooting
  33. October 16, 2020 from shooting on October 9, Rudy Alvira Jr.
  34. October 20, 2020, Johnny Perez, 8, Shooting
  35. October 20, 2020, Gustavo Perez, 16
  36. November 13, 2020, Sam Livingston III, age 41, stabbing
  37. November 17, 2020, Jeremy McTamney, 26, Shooting, Ties Trenton’s record of homicides in 2013.
  38. November 28, 2020, Stabbing

Not in NJ but across the river in Falls Township, Pennsylvania May 24, 2020 Davon Frink, 25, shooting at a Holiday Inn Express at a Trenton party held there.

Trenton Murders Per Year Since 1989

NJ State Police Uniform Crime Report available here:

1989 = 22

1990 = 21

1991 = 7

1992 = 16

1993 = 11

1994 = 9

1995 = 16

1996 = 14

1997 = 12

1998 = 15

1999 = 8

2000 = 14

2001 = 13

2002 = 19

2003 = 13

2004 = 18

2005 = 31

2006 = 18

2007 = 25

2008 = 19

2009 = 18

2010 = 15

2011 = 23

2012 = 24

2013 = 37

2014 = 32

2015 = 17

2016 = 21

2017 = 23

2018 = 16

2019 = 15

2020 = 38* current number as of November 28, 2020* (Not available yet from NJSP statistics)

* Prior to 1989 the known highest murder number was 1970 with 27

Pedestrian Struck On Hamilton Ave Taken To Regional Medical Center

Another serious pedestrian accident also occurred at South Broad and Dayton taken to Trauma Center with Trauma Alert called.

November 28, 2020

TRENTON, NJ (MERCER)–A pedestrian was struck around 10:40 pm at the intersection of Hamilton and South Clinton Avenues. Trenton EMS, Trenton Fire Department and Capital Paramedics were on scene treating the victim of the crash. Trenton Police was on scene investigating and was marking out an area with crime scene tape for an investigation. No further information was available about this pedestrian struck.

Earlier there was another pedestrian struck by a vehicle on South Broad Street and Dayton street around 5:30 pm. The victim was in serious condition and a trauma alert was called during transport to the Trauma Center at Capital Health Regional Medical Center by TEMS and paramedics.

South Broad Street was closed while a serious accident investigation was conducted. No further information was available about that pedestrian struck.

Well Involved Car Fire In Trenton Quickly Extinguished

November 28, 2020

TRENTON, NJ (MERCER)—Just before 3:00 pm a Lexus caught fire in the 100 block of Reading Avenue. Trenton Fire Department responded and quickly extinguished the fire.

Photos posted so far are from Jeff Ritter, check back Brian McCarthy will be sending additional photos and videos shortly.

Videos by: Jeff Ritter

Santa Arrives In Hightstown Tonight In Preparation For Christmas

November 27, 2020

HIGHTSTOWN, NJ (MERCER)–At 5:45 pm tonight Santa arrived from the North Pole in preparation for Christmas. Santa’s sleigh and reindeer were parked behind the firehouse where the reindeer enjoyed treats and fresh water provided in preparation for their return trip back to their home at the North Pole tonight.

While the reindeer were on break, Santa climbed aboard Ladder 41 for a trip around town with the members of Hightstown Engine Company #1. Santa wanted to visit the town’s children to let them know he is watching and will be returning on Christmas Eve. Santa stated that he had to scale things down this year because of social distancing because of COVID-19 and promised things should return to normal for next Christmas.

After the ride around town on the fire department’s ladder Santa quickly returned to his sleigh and raced back to the North Pole to get toys together for Christmas. Prior to departing, he mentioned that this is his busy season and has a tight time schedule but will return to different places in NJ over the next month.

Taxi Rear-Ends Construction Van

November 27, 2020

TRENTON, NJ (MERCER)–A taxi cab rear-ended a construction van on Liberty Street near Park Avenue tonight around 7:10 pm. When Trenton Police arrived they requested Trenton Fire Department for an extrication because the occupant of cab could not get out of their own. Trenton EMS responded and transported the injured. Trenton Police are investigating the crash. No other information is available about the incident.

Reported Double Stabbing In Trenton’s Rowan Towers

November 27, 2020

TRENTON, NJ (MERCER)–Around 5:30 there were reports of a double stabbing at 620 West State Street inside the Rowan Towers. Victims were located on two different floors. Trenton EMS, Trenton Fire Department and Trenton Police responded to the scene. At least one person was transported to the Trauma Center at Capital Health Regional Medical Center with a “trauma alert” called. There was no word available on the condition of the others.

This is a breaking news report, we are just telling you what we know. As with much of the violent crime in the City of Trenton no media information will be available. There are very few news releases that come from TPD as compared to surrounding towns. If anything is released it usually comes from the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office and only when it involves a homicide. If we receive information the story will be updated with current information and any corrections made if needed.

Photos and video by: Brian McCarthy OnScene News

Several Injured In Single Car Crash On NJ Turnpike

November 26, 2020

ROBBINSVILLE, NJ (MERCER)–The Robbinsville Township Fire Department and EMS along with Hightstown First Aid Squad were dispatched to Mile Marker 62.1 North Bound for an accident with injures at 9:48 pm. Upon arrival several in the one vehicle crash stated they were hurt and wanted transport to the hospital. The injures seem to be walking wounded and non-life-threating. The Robbinsville Township ambulance transported 3 occupants of the vehicle to RWJ at Hamilton Hospital. It was not clear how many Hightstown First Aid transported from the accident. No further information was available.

NJ State Police Release Thanksgiving Weekend Tips for Motorists

November 25, 2020

Post by Tyler Eckel

West Trenton, N.J. – The day before Thanksgiving is typically one of the busiest travel days of the year, but this holiday season has proven to be anything but typical. Although we expect fewer motorists on the road this year, the message of the New Jersey State Police remains the same. If you must travel during the holiday, we encourage you to take the time to prepare for unexpected emergencies by following a few safety tips that will surely come in handy if you find yourself in a jam. Before you head out, please consider the following:

•Fill up your gas tank
•Check fluids (including windshield washer fluid and antifreeze)
•Check tire pressure
•Bring a mobile phone charger
•Carry a flashlight with new batteries
•Bring bottles of water and nonperishable snacks
•Do not drive drowsy. Symptoms of driving tired are similar to those of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Use service areas to rest, stretch your legs, or grab a cup a coffee
•Let someone know your travel plans
•Check the weather forecast and plan accordingly

The easiest tip to follow to ensure not only your safety, but the safety of fellow motorists and pedestrians this holiday is to not get behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. During the 2019 Thanksgiving holiday period, there were six fatal crashes that resulted in six deaths on New Jersey roadways. Drug and/or alcohol impairment was found to be a contributing factor in two of the crashes. These types of tragedies can be easily avoided by making responsible decisions and staying at home if you plan to drink alcohol.

The New Jersey State Police will have more than 90 additional troopers statewide during the holiday period in addition to normal patrols. Troopers will focus their efforts on speeding, aggressive driving, seatbelt usage, cell phone violations, distracted driving, and DWI.

“Although we will be celebrating the holiday differently this year, DWI education and enforcement remain a top priority for the New Jersey State Police,” said Colonel Patrick J. Callahan, Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police. “Safety starts with sober driving, so we ask that you do your part by making responsible choices this holiday. Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving, and please do not drink and drive.”

The 2020 Thanksgiving holiday period begins on Wednesday, November 25, at 6:00 p.m. and ends on Monday, November 30, at 6:00 a.m.

TPD Investigates Shots Fired Call This Morning

November 25, 2020

TRENTON, NJ (MERCER)–Sources tell MidJersey.News that Trenton Police responded to gunfire in the area of Belmont Circle at 7:24 am and that around 12 shots were fired. The source also said that a Mercedes Series 300 silver in color was seen speeding from the scene. No further information was available.

Governor Murphy Directs U.S. and New Jersey Flags to Fly at Half-Staff in Honor of Former New York City Mayor David N. Dinkins

November 25, 2020

TRENTON, NJ (MERCER)–Governor Phil Murphy today ordered that the U.S. and New Jersey flags be flown at half-staff at all state buildings and facilities on Monday, November 30, 2020, in honor of former New York City Mayor David N. Dinkins, who passed away on Monday, November 23rd. Dinkins was born and raised in Trenton, where he graduated from Trenton Central High School.

“The son of a Trenton barber and real estate broker, David Dinkins rose to lead New York City out of a time of political turmoil, seeking with a steady hand to heal longstanding rifts that had divided its residents,” said Governor Murphy. “That he was New York’s first Black mayor cemented a place for him in history, but he brought in other leaders who mirrored the City’s diversity, and initiated many of the changes that renewed its place on the world stage as a cultural center. Tammy and I send our condolences to David Jr. and Donna, and their families and friends, and all who worked alongside Mayor Dinkins. May he Rest In Peace.”

Yesterday’s MidJersey.News story here: Statements by Governor Murphy, Trenton Mayor Mayor W. Reed Gusciora, and Columbia University on the Passing of Former New York City Mayor David N. Dinkins

Hamilton Crash Sends One To Hospital

November 25, 2020

HAMILTON TOWNSHIP, NJ (MERCER)–At 8:15 am the Hamilton Township and Robbinsville Township Fire Departments were dispatched to an accident at the intersection of Yardville-Hamilton Square and Kuser Roads. Originally the 9-1-1 callers reported an overturned vehicle with entrapment but upon fire department arrival there was one minor injury and no vehicles were overturned.

Hamilton Township Police were directing traffic around the accident and also performing a crash investigation at the scene. RWJ Hamilton ambulance transported one person to RWJ at Hamilton Hospital. No further information was available.

I-195 Accident Backs Up Traffic Over 2 Miles

November 25, 2020

ROBBINSVILLE, NJ (MERCER)–Around 6:08 am this morning 3 vehicles collided on I-195 East Bound in the area of Mile Marker 8, between Exits 7 and 8, temporarily blocking the highway. Hope Fire Company and Robbinsville Township Fire Department and EMS were sent to the scene. Upon arrival there were no life threatening injuries and persons involved refused medical advice.

Traffic was backed up over two miles until tow trucks could move the vehicles from the roadway. The NJ State Police was on scene investigating. No further information is available.

Statements by Governor Murphy, Trenton Mayor Mayor W. Reed Gusciora, and Columbia University on the Passing of Former New York City Mayor David N. Dinkins

November 24, 2020

TRENTON, NJ (MERCER)–Governor Murphy released a statement on the passing of former New York City Mayor David Dinkins:

“The son of a Trenton barber and real estate broker, David Dinkins rose to lead New York City out of a time of political turmoil, seeking with a steady hand to heal longstanding rifts that had divided its residents. He faced early on the forces of discrimination that he would later commit his public career to breaking down when, as a student at Trenton Central High School, he wasn’t allowed to use the school’s swimming pool because of the color of his skin. That he was New York’s first Black mayor cemented a place for him in history, but he brought in other leaders who mirrored the City’s diversity, and initiated many of the changes that renewed its place on the world stage as a cultural center. Tammy and I send our condolences to David Jr. and Donna, and their families and friends, and all who worked alongside Mayor Dinkins. Our flags will fly at half-staff in his honor. May he Rest In Peace.” Governor Phil Murphy

Mayor Gusciora Statement on the Passing of Former NYC Mayor David Dinkins

Today we mourn the passing of David Dinkins, Trenton native and former Mayor of New York City. We offer our sincere condolences to his friends and family.

For many he was a historic icon, the first and only Black Mayor for our country’s largest city. For us, he was an important part of the Trenton community, a resident of Spring Street, a graduate of Trenton High School, and a member of the Shiloh Baptist Church, where his father was a Deacon. Mayor Dinkins often came back to visit our city over the years.

I like to think that living in this city helped shape his progressive positions on economic and racial equality, taking the values we hold dearly in Trenton and broadcasting them to an even bigger stage.

He looked forward to the dedication ceremony for the new Trenton Central High School last year but was unable to attend due to declining health. But I’m sure his memory will live on and inspire future generations of Trentonians to improve the lives of the disadvantaged, not just here but throughout the country. —Mayor W. Reed Gusciora

From Columbia University:

“The Columbia community mourns the loss of David N. Dinkins. We feel with his passing the end of an era. We knew David as the rest of New York did, as a person of wisdom, empathy, uncompromising integrity, and homespun humor, all qualities regrettably becoming vanishingly rare in public life. David was also a cherished member of the Columbia community for more than 25 years. He convened timely and meaningful public discussions, taught students in the classical method of the tutorial, and brightened our ceremonies and official functions with his ever-charming personal warmth and dapper self-presentation. 

David was a steadfast leader for social justice, in detail and as a symbol. And, for me, he was a trusted and endlessly supportive advisor and friend. At this moment, I cannot help but remember how (as on so many occasions) he stood with me at a raucous public hearing before Community Board 9 voted on the Manhattanville campus. Then, as now, I felt stronger for his presence. Jean, who had a special bond with David, joins me in expressing the sense of irreplaceable loss.”

Lee C. Bollinger


Columbia University

From Columbia University school directory, School of International and Public Affairs, Professor of Professional Practice in the Faculty of International and Public Affairs

Mayor David N. Dinkins joined Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) as a Professor in the Practice of Public Policy in 1994.  He serves on SIPA’s Advisory Board, and has hosted the annual David N. Dinkins Leadership & Public Policy Forum for over two decades.  The inaugural David N. Dinkins Professorship Chair in the Practice of Urban & Public Affairs at SIPA, Michael A Nutter, 98th Mayor of Philadelphia was selected in 2015.  2015 also welcomed the opening of the David N. Dinkins Archives and Oral History Project at the Columbia University Libraries. 

Mr. Dinkins began his public service career in 1966 as a member of the New York State Assembly.  He was president of the New York City Board of Elections, and served as City Clerk for 10 years before his elections as President of the Borough of Manhattan in 1985 and 106th Mayor of the City of New York in 1989.

As Mayor, Dinkins was responsible for the establishment of numerous widely heralded cultural staples such as Fashion WeekRestaurant Week, and Broadway on Broadway. His administration initiated the revitalization of Times Square and secured an unprecedented deal to keep the U.S. Open Tennis Championships in New York for the next 99 years. This arrangement generates more annual financial benefits to the city than the Yankees, Mets, Knicks, and Rangers combined. Mayor Dinkins also instituted “Safe Streets, Safe City: Cops and Kids,” a comprehensive criminal justice plan that expanded opportunities for the children of New York and continued to reduce crime in the years that followed his term.

In 2013, Dinkins published his memoir A Mayor’s Life: Governing New York’s Gorgeous Mosaic, chronicling his career as a devoted public servant and New Yorker in love with his city.

This former mayor has received numerous awards and accolades throughout his long career, most notably, the renaming of the David N. Dinkins Municipal Building on October 15, 2015. In July of 2017, Dinkins celebrated his 90th birthday and stepped down from teaching his popular course at SIPA the following year.  He continues to play an active role at Columbia University and serves a variety of civic and charitable organizations and Boards that assist young people including the Association to Benefit Children, Children’s Health Fund, Coalition for the Homeless, Jazz Foundation of America, The Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, and Posse Foundation, to name a few.

David N Dinkins is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the National Advisory Board of the International African American Museum; serves on the steering committee of the Association for a Better New York and the Advisory Council of New York Urban League.  He is a founding member of the Black & Puerto Rican Legislative Caucus of New York State and The One Hundred Black Men; a former vice president of the United States Conference of Mayors; Member-at-Large of the Black Leadership Forum; chairman emeritus of the National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS; Honorary Life Trustee of the Community Service Society of New York; Honorary Trustee of the Friends of Harlem Hospital; and Lifetime Member of the NAACP. 

David N Dinkins graduated with honors from Howard University in 1950 with a B.S. in mathematics and an LL.B. from Brooklyn Law School in 1956; he maintained a private law practice prior to entering public service. He is a recipient of The Congressional Gold Medal for his service as a Montford Point Marine in the United States Marine Corps, during World War II.

David N Dinkins and his wife, Joyce Burrows Dinkins raised their children, David Jr. and Donna Dinkins Hoggard, in Harlem and continue to enjoy life in his beloved City of New York, though he was born in Trenton, New Jersey. They have two grandchildren – Jamal Hoggard and Kalila Dinkins Hoggard.

Around 1,600 Pounds Of Frozen Turkey Distributed This Afternoon At Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church

November 23, 2020

TRENTON, NJ (MERCER)–The Willing Workers of Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church and members of Mercer County’s PBAs (Police Benevolent Associations) distributed frozen turkeys and food baskets late this afternoon at the church on North Clinton Avenue.

There were at least thirty boxes of frozen turkeys distributed with an average weight of around 55 pounds per box for a total of about 1,600 pounds. There were numerous baskets of food and turkey baking supplies provided to go along with the frozen birds.

There were several locations today for turkey distribution see this morning’s MidJersey.News story here: Mercer County PBA Assists With Turkey Distribution

Trenton Man Charged With Human Trafficking For Allegedly Prostituting A 16-Year-Old Girl

November 13, 2020

TRENTON, NJ (MERCER)–Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal and New Jersey State Police Superintendent Colonel Patrick J. Callahan today announced that a man was arrested on human trafficking charges for allegedly prostituting a 16-year-old girl at a hotel in Trenton, N.J.

Ronald D. Harris, 40, of Trenton, N.J., was arrested at his residence on Thursday, Nov. 19, by the New Jersey State Police and charged with the following offenses:

  1. Human Trafficking (1st degree),
  2. Facilitating Human Trafficking (2nd degree),
  3. Promoting Prostitution of a Minor (1st degree),
  4. Promoting Organized Street Crime (1st degree),

Harris was charged in an investigation by the New Jersey State Police.  He is being prosecuted by the Division of Criminal Justice Human Trafficking Unit.  The human trafficking investigation stemmed from an earlier investigation by the New Jersey State Police, Trenton Police Department, Ewing Police Department, and Hamilton Police Department, which led to Harris’ arrest on weapons charges in July.

“Far too often we uncover this tragic form of human trafficking, where a vulnerable underage girl is trapped in commercial sexual exploitation involving multiple men per day so that a trafficker can ruthlessly reap the profits,” said Attorney General Grewal. “We will continue to work tirelessly with our law enforcement partners at all levels, as well as victim advocates, to raise awareness about human trafficking, rescue victims, and bring those responsible for these terrible crimes to justice.”

“Human traffickers lack any sense of morality or compassion as they essentially treat their victims, who are often children, as commodities rather than human beings, allowing them to be sexually abused repeatedly,” said Colonel Patrick J. Callahan, Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police.  “This type of cruelty is unimaginable, and the New Jersey State Police and our partners will do everything in our power to remove these despicable criminals from the streets and ensure that they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

“Our Human Trafficking Unit works closely with the State Police and other law enforcement partners throughout New Jersey to uncover these heinous crimes and aggressively prosecute those responsible,” said Director Veronica Allende of the Division of Criminal Justice.  “Because these crimes so often are hidden from view and involve victims who feel helpless to escape, we urge the public to be vigilant and call our human trafficking hotline if they see a child or teenager in suspicious circumstances.”

Members of the public who suspect human trafficking can report it confidentially by calling the Division of Criminal Justice’s Human Trafficking Hotline 1-855-END-NJ-HT.

On July 21, 2020, members of the New Jersey State Police and the Trenton Police Department conducted a joint operation that resulted in the arrest of Harris on weapons charges.  When officers activated their emergency lights and attempted to stop Harris’ SUV in Trenton, he sped away, striking an unmarked police vehicle, running a red light, and reaching speeds of up to 80 mph before crashing into a taxi.  Harris tried to run away with a black duffle bag, but was apprehended.  The duffle bag was searched and found to contain three handguns, two of which had illegal large-capacity magazines.  Harris was charged with possession of a weapon as a convicted felon and numerous other weapons offenses. He also was charged with eluding, resisting arrest by flight, and various traffic violations.

At the time of his arrest, Harris had a 16-year-old girl in his vehicle who police determined had been reported missing and was a victim of ongoing commercial sexual exploitation.  The girl provided statements that Harris had rented a room at a hotel in Trenton for her to engage in prostitution on the night of the arrest. Search warrants were authorized for three phones found in the vehicle.  Examination of the phones revealed messages showing Harris was actively promoting the prostitution of the 16-year-old girl at the hotel.  Messages revealed Harris to be demanding additional money for specific sexual services which the girl was to provide to various men on the date of his arrest.

Deputy Attorney General Katherine Morris is prosecuting the case for the Division of Criminal Justice Gangs & Organized Crime Bureau, Human Trafficking Unit, under the supervision of Deputy Bureau Chief Cassandra Montalto, Bureau Chief Lauren Scarpa Yfantis, and DCJ Deputy Director Annmarie Taggart.  Detective Kyle Feigley is the lead detective for the New Jersey State Police Intelligence and Criminal Enterprise Section, Violent & Organized Crime Control Central Bureau, Crime Suppression Central Unit, under the supervision of Detective Sgt. 1st Class Blair Astbury and Lt. Daniel Strassheim.

The first-degree human trafficking charge carries a sentence of 20 years without parole to life in state prison and a fine of up to $200,000.  The charge of promoting organized street crime carries a sentence of 15 to 30 years in state prison, consecutive to the sentence for any underlying crime.  The other first-degree charges carry a sentence of 10 to 20 years in state prison and a fine of up to $200,000.  Second-degree charges carry a sentence of five to 10 years in state prison and a fine of up to $150,000.

The charges are merely accusations and the defendant is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty in a court of law. 

Defense Attorney: Public Defender’s Office

Mercer County PBA Assists With Turkey Distribution

November 23, 2020

By: Tyler Eckel

HAMILTON TOWNSHIP, NJ (MERCER)–All chapters of the Mercer County PBA are assisting with turkey distribution in Mercer County today. This morning at Saint Phillips Baptist Church, members unloaded over 600 pounds of turkey for distribution at that location.

There were two other locations with many more pounds donated this morning including the Hamilton YMCA.

The distribution will continue this evening at the Willing Workers of Jerusalem Baptist Church in Trenton at 4:00 pm.

19 Year Old Hamilton Man Dies In East Windsor Crash

November 23, 2020

On Sunday, November 22, 2020, East Windsor Police responded to Route 133 West near Route 571 for a report of a motor vehicle off the roadway engulfed in flames. Upon patrol arrival, the vehicle, a 2017 BMW was located down an embankment on the north side of the roadway at the curve just prior to the exit ramp for Route 571 West. The vehicle had driven off the roadway and struck a tree. The East Windsor and Hightstown fire companies extinguished the fire. The lone occupant Rashawn Young, 19, of Hamilton and driver was found deceased inside the vehicle.

The Traffic Safety Unit of the East Windsor Township Police Department and the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Officer Serious Collision Response Team are investigating the crash.

Responding agencies: East Windsor Township Police Department, Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office Serious Collision Response Team East Windsor Volunteer Fire Company No. 1, Station 42, East Windsor Volunteer Fire Company No. 2, Station 46 Hightstown Engine Company No. 1, East Windsor Rescue Squad #2

Earlier MidJersey.News story here: Serious Crash On Rt 133 In East Windsor

Serious Crash On Rt 133 In East Windsor

Updated: 19 Year Old Hamilton Man Dies In East Windsor Crash

November 22, 2020

EAST WINDSOR, NJ (MERCER)–Around 5:45 pm the East Windsor Police received 9-1-1 calls reporting a vehicle off the road and on fire about 1/4 mile from Princeton Hightstown Road on Route 133 West Bound (Hightstown Bypass).

East Windsor Police, East Windsor and Hightstown Fire Companies and East Windsor First Aid and Rescue Squad along with Capital Health Paramedics responded to the scene. Upon arrival firefighters quickly knocked down the flames.

The crash is under investigation by the East Windsor Police Department. There is no other details available at this time.

No further information is available at this time. A press release most likely will follow sometime tomorrow so check back for an update.

Minivan Crashes Into Tree

November 22, 2020

TRENTON, NJ (MERCER)–A person most likely having a medical issue ran their minivan into a tree on South Warren Street and Assunpink Drive around 3:15 pm this afternoon. Trenton Fire Department, Trenton EMS responded to the scene. One of the doors was jammed making it difficult for the person to get out of the car. The door was forced open and the person was eventually transported to the Trauma Center at Capital Health Regional Medical Center. No other information was available about the crash.

Car Fire On NJ Turnpike

November 22, 2020

MANSFIELD TOWNSHIP, NJ (BURLINGTON)–Several 9-1-1 calls reporting a car fire on the New Jersey Turnpike north of Exit 7 in the north bound lanes in Bordentown Township ended up to be the wrong location.

Bordentown Township and Robbinsville firefighters were dispatched at 2:03 pm to an area between Exit 7 and Exit 7A for a car fire. Upon arrival at the originally reported location they could see a column of smoke south of Exit 7, firefighters continued to the call and found the vehicle fire just north of the interchange turn for the PA Turnpike Extension on the north bound side of the highway at mile marker 51.8 outer lanes. Firefighters once on location quickly extinguished the flames. No other information was available about the call.

BREAKING: Bloody Sunday As Carnage Continues In A City Of Chaos

November 22, 2020

TRENTON, NJ (MERCER)–This morning around 3:00 am a shooting occurred in the 100 Block of Coolidge Avenue with a man shot in the arm according to sources. The person was transported by Trenton EMS to Capital Health Regional Medical Center.

Then again at 1:08 pm this afternoon a sprawling crime scene stretched almost a 1/4 mile from Chestnut and Faircrest Avenues, proceeded down Chestnut towards East State and ended in the area of 60 Wall Street. Crime scene tape crisscrossed the roadway blocking off the crime scene as detectives arrived to process the scene.

Trenton EMS, and Capital Health Paramedics responded to that scene to treat a woman shot in the neck and two other places. She was in serious condition at the Trauma Center at Capital Health Regional Medical Center.

There is no updated word on the condition of that victim at the time of this report.

Tonight we believe another two separate incidents occurred.

There were four people shot at Hoffman Avenue and Stuyvesant Avenue. Two were transported by Trenton EMS and Capital Paramedics to the Trauma Center at Capital Health Regional Medical Center, with trauma alerts called. Two more people were driven to the trauma center in private vehicles for a total of 4 shot at that location.

We have reports of another possible scene (unconfirmed report) another person was shot after their vehicle was involved in a motor vehicle crash. The person they were involved in the car accident reportedly shot them.

As with most shootings, stabbing and other violent crime in the City of Trenton, there is no information available until it is fatal and then it is released by Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office. If no information is released we will tell you what we know from on scene reporting. If official information is released at a later date the story will be updated, corrections and additions made. This is what we know and able to tell you as a “breaking news” story.

Photos and video by: Brian McCarthy OnScene News

As with most shootings, stabbing and other violent crime in the City of Trenton, there is no information available until it is fatal and then it is released by Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office. If no information is released we will tell you what we know from on scene reporting. If official information is released at a later date the story will be updated, corrections and additions made. This is what we know and able to tell you as a “breaking news” story.

Hamilton Township Fire Department Quickly Knocks Down Garage Fire, That Was Extending Into A Home

November 21, 2020

HAMILTON TOWNSHIP, NJ (MERCER)–Around 3:35 pm the Hamilton Township Fire Department responded to a well involved garage fire attached to a home in the 2500 Block of Whitehorse Mercerville Road. (Next to CVS and Across from the Mercerville Shopping Center).

Firefighters quickly arrived and called an “all hands” for a full 1st alarm sending additional apparatus to the scene, the fire was extending from the garage to the home though a breezeway. Two hose lines initially were placed in service and a supply line to a fire hydrant was set up to establish a water supply, then two more handlines were placed in service. The fire was quickly knocked down saving the living space of the home and was fully under control in about 20 minutes. The fire was investigated by the Hamilton Township Fire Marshal and was no word of the cause.

BREAKING: City Of Horror As 3 People Shot All Transported As “Trauma Alerts”

BREAKING NEWS REPORT: This if from on scene, sources and radio reports. If official information is released the story will be updated. We have a reporter and photographer on scene and will have more photos and information as it becomes available.

TRENTON, NJ (MERCER)–The carnage continues in a city of horror as three more people were shot tonight just before 5:00 pm. in the 700-800 Block of Stuyvesant Avenue near Hoffman Avenue.

Sources tell MidJersey.News that Trenton Police received a “Shot Spotter” activation with at least 17 rounds fired, and was immediately followed by a 9-1-1 call from a male stating he was shot in the abdomen. Trenton Police, Trenton Fire Department, Trenton EMS and Capital Health Paramedics responded.

When Police, Fire and EMS arrived it was discovered that three people were shot and needed emergency care. Additional ambulances, two more paramedic units and one additional fire engine were send to the scene for help. After fire and EMS treated the patients all three were transported to the Trauma Center at Capital Health Regional Medical Center.

An email has been sent to official police sources for comment. Trenton Police usually does not provide comment if the shooting is not fatal in nature. Once the shooting is reported as fatal the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office issues the information. What is contained in this report is what we know and if different official information is received the story will be updated, corrections and additions made.

Sources also tell MidJersey.News that a shots were fired about an hour earlier on Styvasant Trenton Police were looking for a Silver Nissan Altima that was possibly stolen with a shooter in the back of the vehicle. The vehicle drove off towards Prospect Street.

There was also a reported car jacking at 7:30 am this morning. Police are looking for a Toyota Vienna that is beige or silver in color. Reportedly 2 men car jacked the vehicle using a hand gun and an AR-15 style weapon, the guns fit the descriptions of one used in the Pearl Street homicide.

There have been 37 murders in the City of Trenton and many, many other shootings, stabbings and other violence that usually does not get reported in the media. The last murder on November 17, 2020 tied the all time record of 37 set in 2013.

Photos and video by: Brian McCarthy OnScene News

1 Injured In NJ Turnpike Crash

November 20, 2020

ROBBINSVILLE, NJ (MERCER)–A truck traveling on the NJ Turnpike south bound in the outer roadway in the area of 63.7 south bound lost control in a crash and overturned between the inner and outer roadway. (Truck and car lanes). The Robbinsville Township Fire Department and EMS was originally sent for a person trapped in the truck but turned out the drive was able to get out on their own power. One person did suffer non-life-threating injuries and was transported to a local hospital. No further information was available.

Governor Murphy Signs “Daniel’s Law”

November 20, 2020

TRENTON, NJ (MERCER)–Governor Phil Murphy today signed legislation (A1649), which protects the home addresses and telephone numbers of judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officers from public disclosure. The bill, known as “Daniel’s Law,” is named in honor of Daniel Anderl, the late son of U.S. District Court Judge Esther Salas. Daniel fell victim to a senseless act of gun violence committed by an individual who had compiled a dossier of personal information about Judge Salas, including the judge’s home address.  

“This is a renewed commitment to ensure our judiciary, prosecutors, and members of law enforcement who answer the call of justice can do so without fear for their personal safety, or that of their loved ones,” said Governor Murphy. “By shielding the home addresses and private contact information for those who serve on the bench and enforce our laws, we are demonstrating that in the face of unspeakable tragedy, New Jersey responds not with thoughts and prayers, but with concrete action.”

“My husband, Mark, and I would like to thank Governor Murphy and all the men and women of the New Jersey State Legislature for enacting this trailblazing legislation,” said U.S. District Court Judge Esther Salas. “We hope this law can be a steppingstone to improving the security of my sisters and brothers who serve as federal judges throughout the country. Nobody should be forced to endure the kind of pain my family has experienced ever again.  Together we can work to ensure that all members of the judiciary (federal, state, and municipal courts) can perform their duties without fear of retribution or harm. Daniel used to say, ‘Mom, I love talking with you.’ I know Daniel is listening now, and he is smiling down on us today because he knows that with this bill signing, we are doing our part to ensure that his death will not be in vain.”

The bill amends the Open Public Records Act (“OPRA”) to exclude from the definition of a government (i.e., public) record the portion of any document which discloses the home address of any active or retired 1) judge, 2) prosecutor or 3) law enforcement officer.  

Further, the bill prohibits government agencies, individuals and businesses from knowingly publishing on the internet, or otherwise making available, the home address or unpublished home telephone number of any active or retired judge or any active or retired prosecutor.

The bill also enables any active or retired judge, prosecutor, or law enforcement officer whose home address or unpublished telephone number is disclosed on the internet or otherwise made available to the public, or whose immediate family member’s name, home address, or unpublished phone number is disclosed on the internet or otherwise made available to the public, to request that the information be removed. The government agency, individual or business would be required to remove the information within 72 hours of receiving such a request in writing.

“Daniel Anderl’s tragic death reminds us that the disclosure of personal information can leave judges and family members vulnerable to threats and violence,” said Chief Justice Stuart Rabner. “We are grateful to the Governor and the Legislature for taking this important step to provide common sense protections for active and retired judges and their families, along with others in the justice system, in the hope that a future tragedy can be prevented.”

“Judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officers all play vital roles in keeping the public safe, but in doing so, they often jeopardize their own safety, becoming targets of vengeful criminals or litigants,” said Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal. “We need to protect them as they protect all of us. This commonsense law will go a long way to ensure the privacy and security of these public servants and their families.”

“To everyone who played a role in getting this done, I thank you. However, our work does not end here. We must extend these privacy protections nationwide, so that no one lives through what Judge Salas and her husband lived through,” said U.S. Senator Bob Menendez. “We are living in a time of endless vitriol, rising hate crimes, and increased personal attacks. And while we may not be able to eliminate hatred from someone’s heart, we can take action to better protect the men and women of our federal bench. That’s why I am proud to see Governor Murphy sign Daniel’s Law here in New Jersey– and why I remain committed to the passage of the Daniel Anderl Judicial Security and Privacy Act in Washington.”

“No person who takes on the responsibility of serving as a federal judge should ever have to live in fear that they or their family could be targeted by someone who is able to easily access their personal information,” said U.S. Senator Cory Booker. “Judge Salas and her husband, Mark, have gone through something that no parent should ever have to endure. I am grateful for the leadership of Governor Murphy, Senator Cryan, and Assemblywoman Quijano as we honor the memory of Daniel with a commitment that this should never happen again.”

Primary sponsors of A1649 include Assemblymembers Annette Quijano, Yvonne Lopez, Craig Coughlin, and Ralph Caputo, and Senators Joe Cryan, Nicholas Scutari, Nellie Pou, and Bob Smith. 

“Making tough decisions is part of the job for judges and prosecutors. Sometimes these decisions aren’t popular, and they become a target. It’s frightening to think that disgruntled individuals may be able to find their home addresses and personal phone numbers readily available at the touch of a button.” said Assemblymembers Quijano, Lopez, Coughlin and Caputo in a joint statement. “Our hearts continue to break for Judge Salas and her family. The goal of this bill is to better protect the privacy of judges and prosecutors by prohibiting their personal addresses and contact information from being shared online without their consent.” 

“This law will honor the legacy of Daniel Anderl and respect the loving memories of his family,” said Senator Joe Cryan, a former Union County Sheriff who oversaw courthouse security in Union County. “This was a tragic act of violence targeted at a respected judge and her family because the gunman was able to locate their home address. It was also an attack on the justice system that was felt by everyone who serves or has served in law enforcement. They devote their lives to the safety of the public – they should be kept safe as well.”

“We must act to protect our public officials and their families from potential attacks,” said Senator Nicholas ScutariChairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. “The targeting of Judge Salas at her private residence by a gunman, resulting in the tragic death of her son and the serious wounding of her husband, underscores the need for us to do more to protect our judges and their families. Domestic terrorism is a very real threat in today’s society. Not long ago, a gunman attempted to take the life of then-Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, another gunman opened fire at a congressional softball game and, most recently, there was the foiled plot to kidnap and murder the governor of Michigan. This is a vital first step in ensuring the safety of our public officials in New Jersey.” 

“Judges and other court officers who serve our legal system deserve to be protected from any possible attack or retaliation for merely performing their sworn duties. What happened to Judge Esther Salas, and her family, and in particular the fatal shooting of her son, Daniel, in his own home, must never happen again,” said Senator Nellie Pou. “This law, restricting access to home addresses of judges and others who work in our court system will add a needed layer of protection for these public servants.”

“As a representative and resident from Middlesex County, I was shocked, heartbroken and angered by the home attack on Judge Salas and her family, which left her husband critically wounded and ended in the death of her son, Daniel,” said Senator Bob Smith. “The Salas family are among my constituents, so it is important for me that I am a part of any action we take in response to this horrific incident. We have to do more to protect our judges, prosecutors and law enforcement officers from violent retaliation, especially in a time when people are actually planning physical violence against civil servants.”

“This measure takes the steps necessary to obscure details about judges that could put them and their families at risk,” said Senator Robert Singer. “There is so much information exchanged online, and a reckless post or an innocuous comment can, in the wrong hands, be dangerous. Enacting this law will help increase security for judges our legal system relies on.”

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Serious Accident Route 1 South And Perry Street

November 19, 2020

Update 4:00–Sources tell MidJersey.News that this was a fatal accident, no official information is available.

TRENTON, NJ (MERCER)–Just before 5:00 pm Trenton Police and Trenton Fire were dispatched to Route 1 South at Perry Street for a serious accident. Upon arrival of the first engine Rescue 1 was called to the scene for extrication. CPR was reportedly started and the person was transported to the Trauma Center at Capital Health Regional Medical Center. No other information is available or condition of the victim.

The is a Breaking News Report, if and when official information becomes available the story will be updated, additions and corrections made. TPD does not usually release information compared to surrounding towns.

Photos and video by: Brian McCarthy OnScene News

A Hamilton, NJ Man Admits To Possessing Firearm Loaded With 30 Rounds Of Ammunition In Furtherance Of Drug Trafficking Crime

Armond Holloway, 44, of Hamilton, New Jersey, pleaded guilty before U.S. District Judge Michael A. Shipp via videoconference to Count Two of an indictment charging him with possession of a firearm in furtherance of possession with intent to distribute heroin.

November 19, 2020

TRENTON, NJ (MERCER)–A Hamilton, New Jersey, man today admitted possessing a handgun in furtherance of a drug crime, U.S. Attorney Craig Carpenito announced today.

Armond Holloway, 44, of Hamilton, New Jersey, pleaded guilty before U.S. District Judge Michael A. Shipp via videoconference to Count Two of an indictment charging him with possession of a firearm in furtherance of possession with intent to distribute heroin.

According to documents filed in this case and statements made in court:

On July 31, 2017, Holloway was on parole after having served a term of imprisonment. Holloway’s parole officer received information from an anonymous source that Holloway, who had known gang affiliations, was in possession of a gun, 300-400 bricks of heroin, and a large amount of money at his residence.

On Aug. 1, 2017, the parole officer, along with other law enforcement officers, conducted a parole search of Holloway’s residence, where they recovered a Masterpiece Arms 9 mm firearm with an obliterated serial number, loaded with 30 rounds of ammunition, under Holloway’s bed. They also found a barrel extension that fit the gun. Also recovered from Holloway’s bedroom was more than $14,000 in cash and more than 400 bricks of heroin from Holloway’s basement.

The count of possession of a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime to which Holloway pleaded guilty carries a statutory mandatory minimum term of five years in prison, a maximum of life in prison, and a maximum fine of $250,000. If accepted by the court at the time of sentencing, Holloway’s plea agreement would result in Holloway serving a stipulated total sentence between eight and 10 years in prison. Sentencing is scheduled for March 23, 2021.

U.S. Attorney Carpenito credited special agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives under the direction of Special Agent in Charge Charlie J. Patterson in Newark; the New Jersey State Parole Board, under the direction of Chairman Samuel J. Plumeri Jr.; and the New Jersey State Police, under the direction of Col. Patrick J. Callahan, with the investigation leading to today’s plea.

The government is represented by Assistant U.S. Attorneys Elisa T. Wiygul and Michelle S. Gasparian of the U.S. Attorney’s Office’s Criminal Division in Trenton.


Defense counsel: Lisa Van Hoeck Esq. and Brian P. Reilly Esq., Assistant Federal Public Defenders, Trenton

2017 NJ State Police News Release here:

State Police work with State Parole to Arrest Hamilton Man

Home visit nets more than $86,000 worth of Heroin and Assault Weapon

Hamilton Township, Mercer County – The New Jersey State Police and New Jersey State Parole Board have arrested Armond Holloway, 41, of Hamilton Township, N.J. for various drug and weapons offenses.

On Tuesday, August 1, 2017 the New Jersey State Parole Board worked cooperatively with members of the State Police Gangs and Organized Crime Central to conduct a home visit of Holloway. During the home visit, investigators determined that Holloway was in possession of heroin and an assault weapon. As a result, Holloway was arrested and detectives seized more than 430 bricks of heroin, a loaded assault weapon with a silencer, and $14,180 cash.

New Jersey State Parole charged Holloway with the following:

  • Possession of heroin with the intent to distribute
  • Possession of heroin
  • Possession of heroin with the intent to distribute with 1,000 feet of a public school
  • Possession of heroin with the intent to distribute with 500 feet of a public park
  • Possession of an assault weapon
  • Unlawful possession of a handgun
  • Possession of a handgun during a drug offense
  • Possession of a high-capacity magazine
  • Possession of a handgun silencer
  • Possession of a defaced handgun
  • Certain persons not to possess handguns

Armond Holloway was lodged in Mercer County Jail on a no bail warrant.

Charges are mere accusations and the suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty.

Santa Claus and Special Guests Open Hamilton Township’s Toys for Tots Drive

November 19, 2020

HAMILTON TOWNSHIP, NJ (MERCER)–In 1947, a US Marine Corp Forces Reserve, by the name of Major Bill Hendricks founded Toys for Tots and in 1948, the USMC adopted the program as their own.  Last year alone, the Marine Toys for Tots Program was able to both collect and distribute 19 million toys to 73 million children in over 800 communities in the United States including the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Each year the Hamilton Township Police Division oversees a local Toys for Tots Drive in town and this year is no different despite the current pandemic. 

“The Toys for Tots Program has been in existence since 1947.  As the Chief of Police, the Hamilton Township Police Division’s Toys for Tots Drive is one of the highlights of my year” said Chief James Stevens.  “These toys truly make a difference in the lives of so many, from the joy they bring not only to the children who receive them, but also to their parents and loved ones.  And for that, I am thankful to the United States Marines and the residents of Hamilton Township who help to make it all possible.” he continued.

Now through December 18th, toys for children ages 4-17 are being collected for the 2020 Toys for Tots Drive with the following official drop-off locations:

  1. Hamilton Township Police Headquarters
    1270 Whitehorse Mercerville Rd., Hamilton, NJ 08619
  2. Foley’s Family Market, 1080 White Horse Ave., Hamilton, NJ 08610

“It is my pleasure to officially open the 2020 Toys for Tots Drive alongside our exceptional Hamilton Township Police Division Officers,” stated Mayor Martin.  “This year is unlike any before and I know the need for toys for the youth of our Township will be greater than ever before.  I urge anyone who is able to donate to consider doing so this year.”

If you would like to participate, unwrapped toys can be brought to one of the official Toys for Tots collection box locations for further distribution.  This year, the local Marine Corps. has put into place extra COVID-19 safety measures, including sanitizing and quarantining of all toys.  If you have any questions regarding the Toys for Tots collection, please call Office Bob O’Hare at (609)581-4021.