NJ Motor Vehicle Commission Disaster Day 2 After Reopening

Hamilton’s Tyler Eckel has been in line 6 hours for his new driver’s licence and still has not received service, expecting another 1 to 2 hour wait at the time of this report.

Update 1:45 pm Tyler finally received his driver’s licence after waiting 8 hours and 15 minutes in line!

July 8, 2020

See yesterday’s MidJersey.News story here: NJ MVC FAILURE: 1,000s Wait In Extreme Long Lines At NJ Motor Vehicle Commission Buildings, Complete Chaos as Fights Reported In Trenton and Edison

LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP, NJ (MERCER)–Some waited all night and many stood in line before the sunrise this morning to wait at the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission, Bakers Basin Office for drivers licences and other processing that needed to be done in person.

Hamilton Township Photojournalist Tyler Eckel, 17 from Hamilton High School West has been in line since 5:30 am waiting for his 1st drivers licence with his twin brother Kyle Eckel, and friend Devin Gonzalez 17, also of Hamilton.

At 11:30 Tyler Eckel still thinks he has at least an hour or two wait to get in to process the paperwork for his new licence even though being in line for 6 hours, since 5:30 am.

Talking to people waiting at the end of the line that snakes around the building and ends near Route 1. Many of those in line believed they shut the line down around 9:00 am and cut the line off at about 350 people waiting for service. The same scene is happening all across the State at every Motor Vehicle Agency.

At the Bakers Basin location there is a NJ Motor Vehicle Commission Truck assisting with processing paperwork and licences. The truck is lettered “NJ Driving Forward” but from the looks at the scene it is everything but driving forward. Poorly anticipating the shut down and how much processing needed to be done in person NJ Motor Vehicle Commission has failed their customers.

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