False Alarm At Six Flags Great Adventure

July 19, 2021

JACKSON, NJ (OCEAN)–Witnesses told MidJersey.news that this afternoon Ocean County Sherriff Officers and Jackson Township Police had the entrances to Great Adventure closed for a short period of time not letting anyone in or out. Unofficial sources stated what ever the incident was it appeared to be a false alarm and the park was reopened.

MidJersey.news reached out to Six Flags Great Adventure representatives and they told MidJersey.News in a statement that “Out of an abundance of caution, the main entrance to Hurricane Harbor was temporarily closed following a routine safety check by the Ocean County Sheriff’s Office K-9 unit. Hurricane Harbor’s entrance reopened following a thorough review by the Jackson Police and New Jersey State Police.”

Statement from Jackson Police Department: “Six Flags Great Adventure Hurricane Harbor – Update The main entrance to Six Flags Hurricane Harbor was closed for several hours today. Following a routine safety check a safety concern was brought to the attention to park management and local Law Enforcement on site. After a more thorough check was conducted everything was found to be in order and the park entrance was reopened.”

Officials did not specify exactly what the incident was.