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More Mercer County Election Chaos As Robbinsville Ballots Go Missing!

November 9, 2022 — Updated

Robbinsville District 5, Princeton District 21, 11 and 9 all report 0 Votes!

ROBBINSVILLE, NJ (MERCER)–In a statement posted to Facebook by Robbinsville Township, Mayor Dave Fried said, “Robbinsville Township was contacted by Mercer County Election officials at approximately 5 p.m. today and were informed that the ballots of one of our districts had gone missing.

The fundamentals of Democracy is that every vote would be counted.

Clearly, this has yet to happen in Robbinsville, as approximately 11% of our residents’ votes have yet to be safely delivered and tallied. We’re working with the County, which is in charge of our elections, but please know we will not rest until we get to the bottom of this unconscionable mishap, and we will not consider the 2022 election over in Robbinsville until every single ballot is counted and done so securely.”

As Reported yesterday by MidJersey.news there was a total failure reported with voting machines in Mercer County and “Emergency Ballots” had to be used. Now Robbinsville Emergency Ballots go missing.

In a PDF Document available on the Mercer County Clerk’s Office website it shows districts with missing votes:

Robbinsville Twp 5 Registered: 835 Votes: 0 Voted at District # 5 – Mercer County Library, 42 Robbinsville-Allentown Road

Princeton 21 Registered: 547 Votes: 0 Community Park School, 372 Witherspoon St., Art Room District 9, 11, 21

Princeton 11 Registered: 1594 Votes: 0 Community Park School, 372 Witherspoon St., Art Room District 9, 11, 21

Princeton 9 Registered: 1070 Votes: 0 Community Park School, 372 Witherspoon St., Art Room District 9, 11, 21

There was no statements made by Princeton about any uncounted or missing votes. Check back tomorrow as this story develops.

See yesterday’s story here:

November 8, 2022

6:35 p.m.

“All votes cast in this General Election will be scanned on high capacity scanners by the Mercer County Board of Elections, at their central location, instead of at the polling locations by the voters. The Board of Elections is a bipartisan commission. Fortunately, we have hand-marked paper ballot system.

The Mercer County Clerk’s Office does not oversee voting machines or the voting equipment, but all three offices work together to make sure that the process is secure and transparent.

We made it through Hurricane Sandy, through 2020 and we will make it through this one too and no one will be disenfranchised.”


Update from the Mercer County Superintendent of Elections Nathaniel Walker

November 8, 2022 – 2 p.m.

Soon after polls opened this morning, Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022, poll workers became aware of an issue with the voting machine scanners. Voters are being asked to fill out the ballot as they normally would. A contingency plan is in place for all ballots cast at all locations to be scanned at the secure Board of Elections office.

Again, ballots will be scanned just as they would at the polling location. Every ballot that has been cast will be counted, no voter will be disenfranchised, and the integrity of the election is intact and secure.

Additionally, provisional ballots are available to those who would prefer to vote provisionally. A provisional ballot can be obtained at a voter’s polling location.

Further information will be reported as it becomes known.

– Nathaniel Walker, Mercer County Superintendent Of Elections


Robbinsville Fire Department Responds To Multi-Vehicle Crash On NJ Turnpike

June 27, 2022

ROBBINSVILLE, NJ (MERCER)–At 2:23 p.m. the Robbinsville Fire Department and EMS was dispatched to the New Jersey Turnpike outer lanes near mile post 63.4 for a multi-vehicle crash (Near Windsor Road overpass). New Jersey State Police and Gorge’s Garage arrived for the tow. Upon arrival of the fire department it was determined to be minor non-life-threating and it was unclear if anyone was transported to the hospital. Firefighters remained on scene for a short time. New Jersey State Police is investigating the crash.

Quick Response Saves Multi Family Apartment Building

November 9, 2019, ROBBINSVILLE, NJ—The Robbinsville Township Fire Department along with several other departments responded to a structure fire on Main Street in the Robbinsville section of town.

The fire was reported around 4:24 p.m. and the Robbinsville Township Fire Department quickly arrived a few minutes later. The fire officer called for a full first alarm sending additional help from Hamilton, West Windsor and East Winsor Fire Departments.

The fire was located on the 2nd Floor in a bedroom of a multi-family dwelling. Firefighters advanced a line to the second floor though the rear entrance and quickly extinguished the fire. The quick response held most of the fire damage to the room and contents of the one apartment.

It appears that residents of up to four apartments are displaced due to the fire and will be temporarily relocated.

Hamilton Township Fire Department Stations 17, 19, 16 and 14. East Windsor Station 42, West Windsor Station 43 and Hightstown Station 41 all responded to the scene.

The fire is under investigation at the time of this report.

YouTube Video at this link and subscribe to that YouTube Channel, YouTube subscribers will see it first when video is uploaded.

Robbinsville High School Raven Player’s Production: The Crucible, November 21, 22 and 22, 2019

ROBBINSVILLE, NJ– Walk down a dark, winding path with the Robbinsville High School Raven Players’ production of The Crucible by Arthur Miller. Witness the town of Salem, Massachusetts as it is thrown into a state of paranoia. Anyone can be a witch, and no one can be trusted.

The Crucible weaves the sobering tale of the mass hysteria caused by the Salem Witch Trials. Abigail, a young girl living with her uncle, Reveren Parris, has been having a torrid love affair with her employer, John Proctor, a married man. When John, overcome with guilt, confesses this to his wife Elizabeth, Abigail is fired at once. When Abigail commits a terrible sin, she will tell one, inconsequential lie to protect herself and others. As rumors begin to spread like wildfire and the town is plunged into a state of madness, Abigail’s small lie quickly spirals out of control. The Crucible, informed by historical events, exemplifies how quickly one white lie can turn against you, portraying a solemn, timeless tale that still rings true today.

Come see the dark tale of The Crucible by Arthu Miller in the Robbinsville High School auditorium(155 Robbinsville-Edinburg road, Robbinsville, NJ) on November 21, 22, and 23rd at 7:00 PM. Tickets can be purchased for $10 in advance at http://www.rp.booktix.com , or at the door. The Crucible by Arthur Miller is presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc., New York.