Governor signs Dancer bill allowing contributions to Meals on Wheels through tax return forms

January 15, 2020

TRENTON, N.J. – A bill (A5513) sponsored by Assemblyman Ron Dancer that allows taxpayers to make contributions to Meals on Wheels programs in the state through their income tax return forms was signed into law by Gov. Phil Murphy.
“Person-to-person giving is a more beneficial and civically minded form of charity than any government program,” said Dancer (R-Ocean). “We are not a government with communities, but we live in communities that have a government.”
Taxpayers will be able to make voluntary contributions to a state Meals on Wheels fund on their income tax return forms to support local programs in providing meals to homebound seniors.
One in five Americans are aged 60 or older and one in four live alone. Nearly 9.5 million seniors are threatened by hunger. About 16 percent of New Jerseyans are 65 and older.
“Not only does Meals on Wheels help meet the nutritional needs of seniors throughout the state, they support their social well-being and perform wellness checks too,” said Dancer. “Seniors on a limited income, living far away from family or recovering from an illness need our help to live healthy, happy and independent lives. This law will help Meals on Wheels continue to fulfill their very important mission.”
New Jersey’s income tax returns typically generate around $700,000 a year in donations for more than 30 different causes.